IRAN: 48 acts of protest by various groups across Iran in recent days

NCRI - In the last week of August‏, various groups of people in cities across Iran have carried out at least 48 acts of protest against oppression, lack of pay, tax extortion, rising student fees, terrible lack of basic needs such as water, and theft of property by marauder organizations associated with the clerical regime's leaders, and in solidarity with those arrested.

Protesting Iranian teachers hold banners reading: Hungry for how much longer?

Teachers’ Protest Gathering – No. 4

NCRI – Iranian teachers who held a protest gathering outside the regime’s parliament on Wednesday carried signs reading: “Hungry for how much longer?”, “Imprisoned teachers must be freed”, “Teachers rise up to end prejudice”, “Bread, Housing, Respect”, “More Education: & knowledge = less pay & less respect” and “More experience – less pay!”.

The teachers succeeded in holding the protest in Tehran and a number of cities across Iran despite the fact that the regime employed extensive repressive suppressive measures and had threatened the teachers.

Over 200 teachers from across Iran arrested in Tehran protest

Teachers’ demonstration – No. 2

Iranian teachers from nearly two dozen cities travelled to Tehran to joint protest

NCRI - The number of those arrested in Wednesday’s teachers’ protest gathering in Tehran has reached 200. Many of those arrested are teachers from other cities such as Mashhad, Mahabad, Yazd, Kohkilouyeh, Marivan, Delfan Khomain, Isfahan, Kerman, Shahreza, Anzali, Sabzevar, Robat Karim, Pakdasht, Sanandaj, Qazvin, Shahr-e Kord, Karaj, Hamedan, Oromieh, Sari,… who had come to Tehran and were arrested in the attacks by the suppressive forces.

Iran: At least 100 teachers arrested in Tehran

Teachers’ protest gathering – No. 1

NCRI- On Wednesday, July 22, a large group of teachers and educational workers gathered in front of Iranian regime’s parliament. The gathering was in protest to the arrest of a number of teachers and the trampling of their minimum rights by the religious fascism ruling Iran. Groups of teachers from various cities across the country had come to Tehran to join in the protest.

In order to prevent this gathering, from early morning hours the suppressive forces cordoned off the area. They closed down streets leading to this area and disrupted communications. They would arrest anyone who was carrying a cell phone or seen taking pictures.

IRAN: Expansion of protests and clashes in various sections of Tehran

NCRI - The people in Ekbatan Township, western Tehran, staged a protest against a spying and suppressive center demagogically dubbed House of Quran in this district.

Despite repetitive protests by the people of this district and albeit the verdict of regime’s own Administrative Justice Court that forbade the construction of this center, the joint land between residential complexes were usurped and this spying center was established.

IRAN: Arrestees of Mahabad uprising transferred to Orumiyeh Prison

NCRI - After three weeks of torture and harassment, the antihuman clerical regime has transferred a large number of those arrested in the Mahabad uprising to Orumiyeh Prison in preparation for putting them on trial in its tyrannical courts. Some of the prisoners are just 15 years old and some have family bonds with each other such as father and son.

Two weeks ago, the intelligence ministry dispatched a group of its head henchmen from Tehran to prisons in Kurdistan and Western Azerbaijan to torture and interrogate those arrested in the Mahabad uprising.

IRAN: MOIS dispatches torturers to western cities following anti-regime protests

Call for immediate action to secure the release of arrestees in the Mahabad uprising

NCRI - The Iranian regime’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) has dispatched a group of henchmen to torture and interrogate those arrested in last week during anti-regime protests.

The interrogators sent to prisons in a numbers of cities in coordination with the MOIS offices in Kurdistan and Western Azerbaijan province.

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