Azeri compatriot protests continue in different cities

Urmia students demonstrate with slogan “Khamenei shame on you”

On Wednesday, November 11, once again the Eastern and Western Azerbaijan, Zanjan and Ardabil provinces were scene of popular protests in reaction to Iranian regime’s heinous insult to the Azeri compatriots. These protest moves took place despite extensive arrests and heavy presence of suppressive forces that have been dispatched to these areas from different cities.

Iran: Teachers and education staff stage protests across the country

Teachers’ placards: “Free imprisoned teachers!”, “Teachers, rise up to eliminate discrimination”

Young photographer arrested

IRAN: 50,000 stone-cutting workers lose jobs

NCRI - Thousands of stone-cutting workshops in Tehran and cities across Iran including Esfahan, Qom, Tabriz, Shiraz, Marvdasht, Mahallat, Khomein, Shahr-e Ray have discontinued their operations resulting in the layoff of at least 50000 workers who are now in overbearing living conditions. Some 5,500 out of the 6,000 stone cutting workshops in the country or over 90% have been compelled to close down due to high taxes imposed by the regime. (Tasnim News Agency, affiliated with the Quds Force – August 23, 2015).

Ali Asgari, Rouhani’s Deputy Minister of Economy and head of the tax affairs organization, threatened the stone cutters with judicial prosecution and importing stones from china.

IRAN: Increasing oppression of teachers on verge of International Teachers Day

NCRI - As the schools open and while noble and freedom-loving teachers prepare themselves for their nationwide gathering and protest on the International Teachers Day on October 5, suppressive measures against teachers’ activists have intensified.

On 6 September 2015, Iranian regime’s intelligence elements arrested teachers’ activist Mr. Mahmoud Beheshti Langeroudi and confiscated some of his personal belongings at his home. A day prior to his arrest (on September 5), he had raised teachers’ issues and demands with Mohammad Bagher Nobakt, speaker of Hassam Rouhani’s government.

Iran: Heartbreaking self-immolation of a Kurdish teacher in protest to extortions by mullahs’ regime

Ms. Soheila Sadeq, Chair of the Education Committee of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, expressed her deep sorrow for the shocking self-immolation of a freedom-loving teacher Mr. Mansour Kayhani and offered her condolences to his honorable family and the people of Kermanshah and the country’s educators. She called on the Iranian people to rise in support and solidarity with the country’s educators and to protest against the unbearable conditions that the Iranian regime has imposed on this hardworking section of the society.

IRAN: 48 acts of protest by various groups across Iran in recent days

NCRI - In the last week of August‏, various groups of people in cities across Iran have carried out at least 48 acts of protest against oppression, lack of pay, tax extortion, rising student fees, terrible lack of basic needs such as water, and theft of property by marauder organizations associated with the clerical regime's leaders, and in solidarity with those arrested.

Protesting Iranian teachers hold banners reading: Hungry for how much longer?

Teachers’ Protest Gathering – No. 4

NCRI – Iranian teachers who held a protest gathering outside the regime’s parliament on Wednesday carried signs reading: “Hungry for how much longer?”, “Imprisoned teachers must be freed”, “Teachers rise up to end prejudice”, “Bread, Housing, Respect”, “More Education: & knowledge = less pay & less respect” and “More experience – less pay!”.

The teachers succeeded in holding the protest in Tehran and a number of cities across Iran despite the fact that the regime employed extensive repressive suppressive measures and had threatened the teachers.

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