Iran Uprising – No. 106

Thousands of farmers in Eastern Isfahan, including fed-up farmers of Varzaneh city, on Wednesday morning, March 9, rallied to protest against the regime for refusing to give them the ‘right to water’. Furious farmers parked their tractors on both sides of the road and marched toward Varzaneh water pumping station on Yazd road. Farmers chanted: "Do not be afraid, do not be afraid we are all together"; "Right- seekers are labeled as saboteurs "; "Shame on you with your management; Shame on you with your justice"; "Death to the irresponsible authorities."

The riot guards attacked farmers to prevent them from moving forward and approaching the water facilities, threw tear gas at them, and targeted them by bullets. The attacks led to the wounding of seven farmers. People burned rubber tires to counter tear gas.

Varzaneh farmers' protests began on February 16th, continued since February 28 in the form of protests and gatherings outside the township building and the water organization, and marching along the Zayandeh Rud River. Farmers chanted in the protest rallies: "The liar Rouhani, where is my Zayandeh Rud?", "Zayandeh Rud water is our absolute right", "We fight, we die, we take our rights.”

Zayandeh Rud's drying caused by the treacherous policies of this anti-Iranian regime has influenced the lives of farmers in the region since 17 years ago, and their living situation has become worse day after day. Regime officials have repeatedly tried to silence the farmers' protest by giving deceptive promises, including paying compensation, but they have never acted.

The Iranian Resistance saluted the oppressed and rising farmers of Isfahan, and strongly condemns the criminal attack of the repressive forces against them and injuring a number of them. It encourages all the people and the youth of Isfahan to show support and solidarity with them.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
March 9, 2018

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