operators of high-power stations gathered in front of the Ministry of Energy 

Iran Uprising -No. 73

On Sunday, February 4, various cities in the country were the scene of popular protests, especially by workers and toilers.

1- Burning a Khamenei’s street banner at the Makri square in Saqqez.

2- Demolition of Khamenei’s banner in the village of Parreh Sar in Some’eh Sara.

3- In Shadegan (Khuzestan province), the workers of the municipality who have not received salaries for 15 months and nobody has responded to them set fire at the municipality office.

4- The workers of Abadan municipality gathered outside municipality building for the second straight day to protest against nonpayment of their salaries for eight months.

5- Residents of Ghajariyeh village located between Ahwaz and Khorramshahr gathered for the second day in front of the Amir Kabir sugar cane company and objected to not hiring the people from that area. The repressive forces attacked the villagers which led to a conflict. The company’s authorities hire non-indigenous people with low pay.

6. Workers at Kian Kurd Factory in Malayer continued their strike for the 23rd day. They demand their salaries that have not been paid for six months as well as New Year gifts for three years. Over the past three weeks, they have gathered on Arak-Malayer Road several times.

7. Workers of the dam water transfer project in Siazakh of Divandareh Dam gathered in front of Sanandaj governorate in protest of nonpayment of their salaries for 10 months.

8. The workers of the Shahriyar Metal Structures went on strike at the factory site located at Robat Karim-Shahriyar road in protest to nonpayment of their salaries for five months.

9. Shopkeepers and marketers in Khorram Abad, Qazvin and Aligudarz went on strike for the second day in protest against high prices, recession, extortion, and pressure by the regime, and refused to open their shops.

10. In Sari, the merchants and shopkeepers went on Sunday and joined the strikers in other cities.

11. More than 100 operators of high-power stations who had came from across the country to Tehran gathered in front of the Ministry of Energy in protest at their employment status. In June 2017, the employment status of these operators were supposed to convert from a temporary contract into a permanent contract within three months. However, nothing has been done after six months.

12. A group of drivers of Bus Company, who are members of the Housing Project SPIDAR 2 and 3, gathered in front of the Tehran City Council in protest of a five-year delay in delivery of houses to members of the project.

13. Members of the co-operative housing department of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, whose housing problems have not been resolved since 12 years ago, staged a protest gathering.

14. Government housing owners in Shiraz gathered outside the governorate of Shiraz in protest of having no homes for living and called for their demands to be met and the delivery of housing that has been already paid for.

15. Groups of looted people gathered in front of the central rural cooperative organization and the Valiasr Unit in Tehran.

16. Admitted in the Western-Azerbaijani Lawyers test gathered in front of the governorate of Orumieh to protest at reducing the quota of those admitted and replacing them with the Basij members.

17. In Rezvanshahr, Shafarood forest workers protested at the failure to pay their five months' salary.

18. The people plundered by government institutions staged a protest gathering in front of the central rural cooperative organization in Tehran and chanted: “We do not want promises; we want our money; we have only heard lies; we heard a thousand promises; but we did not see anything done”.

19. The people looted by Valiasr Credit Union gathered in Tehran.

20. The families of killed sailors of Sanchi oil tanker gathered in front of the National Iranian Oil Tank Company in Abadan and demanded that they respond regarding the reality of the fire in the tanker and the killing of their relatives.

21. Atlas Khodro buyers continued their previous gatherings by gathering in front of the Organization of Industry and Trade of Tehran province in protest of the company's failure to comply with its commitments.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
February 5, 2018

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