Uprising No to High Costs- No. 3

Simultaneous with the Mashhad uprising, the people of Neyshabur, Kashmar, Shahrood, Birjand, Noshahr and Yazd also protested against the high costs and dire living conditions.

During their rally and when passing through Naderi Garden and in response to the raid by the IRGC and the anti-riot security forces and their shooting, the people of Mashhad chanted: "Guns and tanks are of no use anymore.”

The governor of Mashhad called the demonstration of the oppressed people of Mashhad as "an unlawful gathering that had not been issued a permit for," and said: “A number of people who intended to invade and destroy public property were arrested by the police”.

More than a thousand people in Neyshabur protested with the slogans "We protest against high prices", "Do not be afraid, do not be afraid we are all together", "Leave Syria, solve our problems", and "the economic corruptor must be executed". They invited young people to uprising and join the protest by chanting "Oh Iranian youth, Rise up! Rise up!".

In the city of Kashmar, people chanted: "The honor of every Iranian is to say death to high costs."

In Birjand, hundreds of people in their protest demonstrations called for the resignation of Rouhani’s government and chanted slogans: “death to Rouhani”, “no to high costs”, “no to inflation”, “death to the liar”.

In Yazd, protesters rallied in the Mojahedin Street and chanted slogans against government officials and high costs.

Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, saluted the protesters and called all people, especially the youth, to join the "no to high costs" uprising. She called today’s uprising as a proof to the all people’s demand for the overthrow of the mullahs’ regime.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance
December 28, 2017





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