Following the spread of protests by the people who are plundered by government institutions, and their increasing anger and hatred against the clerical regime and Khamenei, the Supreme Security Council ordered state radio and television not to publish the news of protests and rallies of the plundered people. "The Supreme National Security Council passed a bill that prevented radio and television from broadcasting depositors' voices through the national media ... after failing to broadcast my interviews on this issue twice, I followed up on the matter and I was told that the Supreme National Security Council has allowed radio and television in a resolution to prevent broadcasting of depositors' voices," said Vaghfchi, a parliamentarian, who added that the protests of the plundered people "are among the country's super-challenges. 10 percent of Iranians are involved in the financial institutions problem."(ILNA state news agency, November 1).

Mohammad Ali Pour Mokhtar, a member of the Judicial and legal commission of the parliament, called chanting "anti-regime slogans against the authorities and the system" as the reason for this resolution, saying: "there are people who want to use this problem against the system and the state. This issue should be controlled." (Daneshjou state news agency - Nov. 5).

On Tuesday, November 7 in the press conference of Nobakht, Rouhani’s spokesman, a well-known member of Basij, who introduced himself as a journalist, acknowledged to the anger and hatred of the looted people against the regime and its supreme leader, saying: "On Friday ... I was in the press hall; I saw 300 people entered with red banners with very nasty slogans. I should not say here now; they were against the leader, against Mr. Rouhani, against other officials, including Dr. Saif. Apparently, I am Dr. Saif's media advisor, but I spoke, of course, in defense of the Supreme Leader ... I said I hope you all are depositors and not provoked individuals ... once I said this, they pushed me, I fell. Now my shoulder is broken." (State TV- November 7).

On October 23, Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the Iranian Resistance, saluted protesters and called on the continuous and tireless protests of the plundered people as a clear sign of the will of the Iranian people to overthrow the mullahs’ regime that has brought nothing but executions, torture and brutality, and plunder for the Iranian people. A regime that uses the people's wealth for repression, warmongering and export of terrorism, or makes it plundered by the regime’s leaders.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
November 8, 2017

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