Iran: Thousands Rally in Tehran Protesting Poor Living Conditions

Thousands of employees and retires from all walks of life, including teachers, nurses, employees of various government institutions, factory workers and steel industry workers, joined by individuals whose deposits have been plundered by state-run financial institutions, staged rallies outside the Iranian regime’s parliament in Tehran.

The demonstrators gathered in Tehran from cities across Iran, including the provinces of Tehran, Alborz, Central, Isfahan, Mazandaran, Khorasan Razavi, North and South Khorasan and Khuzistan.

Iran: Widespread Protests Against Clerical Regime on Student Day

To mark Student Day, various universities in Iran were the scene of student protests against the mullahs’ regime in recent days. The anti-student regime of the mullahs announced Thursday December 7 as a holiday in order to prevent the spread of student protests.

Students at the Abadan University of Oil Industry on December 7 went on hunger strike in protest to government officials' failure to respond to students' demands and protests.

Iran's Baluch Community Abhors Rouhani

 “No more hollow promises, we want water; we want a thriving Sistan”

College students and brave residents of the Sistan & Baluchistan province in southeast Iran expressed their abhorrence during a visit by the Iranian regime’s President Hassan Rouhani to the cities of Zabol and Zahedan, protesting the regime’s repressive policies.

“No more hollow promises, we want water,” “Rouhani, Sistan has no clean air,” “We want water, water, we want a thriving Sistan.”

Rouhani Blames Protesting Investors, Saying Central Bank Cannot Provide Money for Earthquake Relief

Following a meeting between the head of Iran’s three branches, regime President Hassan Rouhani, accompanied by parliamentary chief Ali Larijani and judiciary chief Sadeq Larijani, had the audacity to blame protesting investors who have lost their entire savings to state-run financial institutes.

“The people should be careful and place their money in banks and institutions that are well known and trusted, and doubt those entities that promise high profits,” he said on Saturday.

Iran: Increasing Anger and Hatred Against Clerical Regime and Khamenei

Following the spread of protests by the people who are plundered by government institutions, and their increasing anger and hatred against the clerical regime and Khamenei, the Supreme Security Council ordered state radio and television not to publish the news of protests and rallies of the plundered people. "The Supreme National Security Council passed a bill that prevented radio and television from broadcasting depositors' voices through the national media ... after failing to broadcast my interviews on this issue twice, I followed up on the matter and I was told that the Supreme National Security Council has allowed radio and television in a resolution to prevent broadcasting of depositors' voices," said Vaghfchi, a parliamentarian, who added that the protests of the plundered people "are among the country's super-challenges. 10 percent of Iranians are involved in the financial institutions problem."(ILNA state news agency, November 1).

Insane Reaction of the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) to People's Gathering in Pasargadae

Pasargadae No. 4

The clerical regime this year had an insane reaction to the 7th of Aban (October 29) gathering and the commemoration ceremony of the birthday of Cyrus the Great. All the repressive organs, especially the Revolutionary Guards, did resort to every repressive tricks to terrorize the society and prevent the formation of a large popular gathering in Pasargadae.

Mullahs Fear Massive Gathering of People in Pasargadae and Take Extensive Suppressive Measures to Prevent It

Pasargadae No. 3

The efforts of the brave people to gather in Pasargadae on October 29th have scared the religious fascism ruling Iran which has long mobilized its suppressive forces to confront it.

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