Iran: Protests of Doctors, Workers, Students and Businessmen in Different Cities

Contract workers of Bandar Mahshahr Special Economic Zone gathered in front of the governorate.

Iran Uprising - No. 80

The protest of the various strata and people who are fed up and unable to provide the basic needs of their lives and their families continues in different cities. Some of the protests on Wednesday, February 14th were as follows:

Regime’s Former Vice President: the Fight Between Rouhani, the IRGC, the Intelligence and the Judiciary Is a Fake Fight

Iran Uprising – No. 81

New confessions about the number of detained protesters

The regime’s former first vice president acknowledged in an unprecedented manner yesterday (Wednesday, February 14) that as far as suppression and repression is considered, there is no difference between the regime’s various factions.

Hamid Baghai said: "The Presidential institution, the IRGC intelligence, the Ministry of Intelligence ... These are all the same... Swear to God, these are the same. Their quarrels are fake fights. The IRGC intelligence and Mr. Rouhani's government are on the same sheet. The ministry of intelligence is also the same. The judiciary is also the same. These are all acts to fool the people. "

Protests of Workers, the Poor, the Looted, and Students Continue Throughout Iran

MAHSHAHR, Iran, Feb. 13, 2018. Protest gathering of "Petrochemical contracting" workers

Iran Uprising – No. 79

On Tuesday, February 13, protests, strikes and demonstrations of workers, looted people, students and other people continued throughout Iran:

1. More than 2,000 university professors and educating residents and radiology specialists staged protest gathering in front of the Ministry of Health building in Tehran. They protested against the regime's directive about allowing ultrasound devices to be used by non-specialists. Their placards said: "Medical Equipment Mafia: How much is worth the lives of pregnant mothers?" and "Destruction of Radiology is Destruction of the Whole Medicine".

Iran: Slogans of “Death to the Dictator”, “Death to Khamenei” and Burning Khamenei's Images in Various Cities

 February 11, Mellat Park in Mashhad


Iran Uprising -No. 78

On February 11, brave youths in Tehran rallied around the City Theater and the Vali-e Asr intersection in Tehran chanting “Death to the Dictator”, and clashed with the suppressive forces. In Mellat Park in Mashhad too, people clashed with the IRGC forces. Also, in many other cities, people expressed their anger and disgust against the religious fascism ruling Iran.

Workers' Protests Against Iran Regime’s Officials Across the Country

Iran Uprising - No. 77

Speech of Ali Rabiee, Rouhani’s Minister of Labour, in the ceremony of February 12, in Qa'em Shahr, was interrupted by the protest of a retired worker against the regime. The furious worker interrupted Rabiee’s speech and, addressing him and other regime agents, said: "We have been working hard for 37 years, we did a revolution, our revolution went to the hands of the unjust, they came using the name of Islam, and there is no one to hold them accountable. I get a salary of one million and a five hundred thousand tomans ($300) , with four family members, I buy my own medicines, social security says, it's not our commitment ... The representatives who are gabbling here ... We say no to lip service! ... Every day they give us hollow promises.

Iran: Continuing Popular Protests Simultaneous With Anniversary of Anti-Monarchy Revolution

 Iran Uprising -No. 76

On the eve of the thirty-ninth anniversary of the anti-monarchy revolution, along with the protests of the workers and the looted people, the brave youth demonstrated their abhorrence towards the regime of Velayat-e faqih (Islamic Jurist prudence) and their resolve to overthrow this regime:

Strikes and Protest Rallies in Different Cities Across Iran

Iran Uprising- No. 75

The protests and strikes of factory workers and other poor strata as well as workers of the services sections and those looted by the institutions affiliated to the Revolutionary Guards Corps(IRGC), the judiciary and other oppressive bodies continued on Tuesday February 6, 2018 to secure their violated rights. Some of these protests are as follows:

Iran news in brief

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Maryam Rajavi at the Council of Europe 24 January 2018 Call for the release of detained protesters

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Thousand Chant "Death to Dictator" "Death to Rouhani" in Iranian Cities


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