NCRI - According to an informed source in Iran, Mohammad Najafi, a lawyer, has been arrested on October 11 by the intelligence forces in Shazand, Markazi province, for wearing a shirt on the street which read ‘Ashura 88’, a reference to December 2009 anti-regime protests. Over $60000 bail has been set for his release.

 “Najafi was arrested on October 11. He called his family one day later on Wednesday October 12, telling them that a Over $60000 bail has been set for his release and that he would be transferred to and held in Arak Prison by the time of posting bail.”, the source said.

As for the reason why Mr. Najafi had been wearing a shirt with ‘Ashura 88’ on it, the source explained: “Mr. Najafi had participated in the well-known protest rallies in Tehran on Ashura 88 (December 2009) and was arrested in the event. So, this day has a special meaning for him so that he wanted to commemorate  the protests and the crackdown on people on that day and that’s probably the reason why he was arrested.”

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