NCRI - Mother of Reyhaneh Jabbari who was hanged in October 2014 for defending herself against assault by a member of the Iranian regime’s intelligence has pledged to fight for abolishment of death sentence in Iran.

In a letter published in news networks, Mrs Sholeh Pakravan, wrote: “It’s now two years full of ups and downs since Reyhaneh was executed. Today, I hate the death penalty even more.”

“Two years ago, I was totally focusing on preventing Reyhaneh from being executed. Today, however, I’m living with the hope for an Iran without the death sentence. I’m not afraid of anything for taking this path. I’m looking the demon ‘death sentence’ (Iranian regime) right in the eye, waiting for the right time to deliver it the final blow, so that all the gallows be relegated to the museums.”

In a reference to children killed in Iran while playing by hanging themselves following watching public hangings in streets, she added: “instead of ‘execution game’, let our children play ‘life game’. 


“I understand every second the survivors of an execution go through. I understand the meaning of responsibility and I knowingly accept it.”

She continues: “I can’t stand to see the youth, like my own children, mourning the loss of their executed sisters or brothers. I can’t stand to witness the tears shed by fathers and mothers for their executed children.”

She concludes: “I can’t stand to see a human struggling in mid-air .. and then the dead body be wrapped in a cover and sent to the cemetery. I shout with all my heart NO TO EXECUTION.”


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