Iran: Mass Execution of 10 Prisoners and Mock Execution of 3 Others

International call to stop brutal death penalty in Iran

In a situation where the waves of nationwide uprising and the wave of social protests shake, the foundations of the mullahs’ regime, and the Iranian people unanimously demand overthrown of this criminal and ominous system, Khamenei is trying to delay his doomed regime by intensifying killings and executions.

Iranian Resistance Strongly Condemns the murder of Dr, Kavous Seyed Emami Under Torture

Calling for urgent action to stop brutal treatment of political prisoners

Iranian Resistance strongly condemned Dr. Kavous Seyed Emami’s murder under torture by the clerical regime's henchmen and called for an urgent international action to stop brutal treatment of political prisoners and killing them under torture. In recent weeks, at least 12 prisoners have been martyred under torture following their arrest during the uprising.

Iran: Simultaneous With the Uprising, the Inhumane Pressure Against Political Prisoners Intensify

The clerical regime, angry at political prisoners for supporting the uprising of the Iranian people, has intensified brutal and inhumane pressures against them in order to intimidate the youth and escalate the atmosphere of fear and terror:

1. Inmates of Hall 10 in Section 4 of Gohardasht Prison, Karaj, are in dire conditions. The prisoners were transferred from Hall 12 to this hall, which has very difficult conditions, six months ago with brutal beating. With the destruction of the medical records of prisoners and preventing them from being transported to a hospital or even a prison clinic, the henchmen intend to kill them with slow death.

Iran: Execution of Juveniles and Women, Mullahs’ Desperate Attempt to Confront Popular Uprising

Ali Kazem

Any deal with the Iranian regime should be conditioned upon stopping executions and release of protesters arrested during the uprising

By continuing executions, especially the execution of juveniles and women, and intensifying the atmosphere of fear and intimidation, the mullahs' anti-human regime is striving in vain to confront the popular uprising of the people who are fed up and have shaken the pillars of the mullahs’ rule.

Iran: Execution of Five Young Prisoners and Hand Amputation of Another in Three Days

During the nationwide uprising of the Iranian people against the detested rule of Velayat-e faqih, the regime's judiciary executed five young prisoners from January 15 to 17. On January 17, a brutal sentence to amputate a young man's hand for stealing several sheeps was carried out in Mashhad Prison.

Iran: Exacerbating Pressures on Political Prisoners


On Wednesday, January 8, the political prisoner Ali Moezi was summoned to attend a show trial again. He refused to wear the prisoners’ uniform as before. The prison guards forcefully put the prison clothes on him and took him to the court with his hands and feet chained.

Iran: Execution of Eight Prisoners During the Uprising in Order to Intensify the Atmosphere of Intimidation

Simultaneous with the nationwide uprising of the Iranian people and in order to intimidate the people, the mullahs’ regime’s executioners executed eight young prisoners in various cities in the period of January 1 to January 11.

On Thursday, January 11, two prisoners were executed publicly in Salmas and Qazvin. The prisoner executed in Salmas suffered from mental illness. The young man executed in Qazvin Prison was on death row for eight years.


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