While congratulating all of Iran’s hardworking laborers, the Labor Commission of the National Council of Resistance of Iran described the minimum wage announced by the mullahs’ regime in Iran for the new Iranian calendar year as cruel and unacceptable. The NCRI Labor Commission went on to call on all Iranian workers to take a stand against this regime’s discrimination and repressive measures against workers’ interests. An end to this regime’s plundering, poverty, unemployment and deprivation, and the establishment of freedom and a popular government will only be possible after this regime is overthrown.

Iranian Labor Minister Ali Rabii, one of the founders of the regime’s Ministry of Intelligence – known as the mafia of assassinations, executions and torture in Iran – announced workers’ monthly minimum wage for the new Iranian calendar year (March 2017 – March 2018) at 9.3 million rials (equal to $265), according to state-run media. Even the regime’s own experts are admitting this is far lower than the necessary wage for workers to help their families make minimum ends meet. (State-run media – Mar 15, 2016)

“This year the 24.89 million rial value of a food basket for a workers’ families is the basis of such costs for a family of 3.5 people. However, one should ask what the real price is for a family of four or five?” according to the state-run ILNA news agency on March 8 citing a regime expert.

To this end, workers and their families, which according to government statistics make up more than 40 million people, will be facing even more poverty, discrimination and pressure in the coming year. (State-run ISNA news agency – Dec 7, 2016)

Al signs indicate Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC), controlling large portions of the country’s economy, play the most important roles in determining these cruel wages. The reason is simple: the money made by Iran’s hardworking laborers first fills their pockets. According to the regime’s own economic directors, 120 different entities, organizations and foundations are engaged in major economic activities, controlling around 50% of Iran’s gross domestic product.

On Dec 18, 2015, only four months prior to the minimum wage announcement for Iran’s next fiscal year, the IRGC-associated Javan Online website forecasted minimum wage back then at 8.3 million rials (around $238). This very number went on to be announced as the official minimum wage.

“From late November to early-to-mid December, inflation reached 8.6%. Various experts believe must be a maximum three to five percent more than the inflation rate,” said Khabar Online, another IRGC-affiliated website. On March 15 Rabii announced the increase in minimum wage at 14%.

In the past two years the mullahs’ regime has even eliminated the presence of a few laborers in the Supreme Labor Council. Ever since any decision on minimum wage has been completely controlled by the state. Moreover, last year Iranian President Hassan Rouhani established a group dubbed “Three-party National Working Group” chaired by Rabii. This entity adopted a resolution with one article named “Workers’ Regional Wage.” The regime sought to end determining the minimum wage and allowing each employer to determine their own minimum wage. This further increases the workers’ exploitation and completely destroys their employment security. However, as workers stood firm on their position, Rouhani and Rabii were forced to cancel this resolution for the new Iranian calendar year.

Our country’s workers know very well that the Supreme Labor Council, the workers’ representative taking part in this council and determining workers’ minimum wage is nothing but a façade. According to state-run media on March 6, 2014, the Minimum Wage Committee announced “living costs for a family of four is over 37.5 million rials” (around $1,070). A few days later, however, Rouhani’s Labor Minister decreased the minimum wage to one fourth.

Workers’ minimum wage is currently rated at $265, at a time when the regime’s Assembly of Experts has vetoed a parliament bill seeking to limit director’s monthly wages at 120 million rials (around $3,430). This practically legalizes huge wages enjoyed by Iranian regime officials.

Labor Commission
National Council of Resistance of Iran
March 24, 2017

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