Continued Protests by Workers, Farmers, Teachers and Looted People in Various Cities of Iran


The non governmental school teachers in Yazd gathered in the city's Teacher Hall to protest the failure to pay their salaries for six months

Iran Uprising – No. 122

On Thursday and Friday, March 15th and 16th, in addition to thousands of farmers and people in Isfahan, protest of workers and fed up people from all strata and groups in different cities of the country continued:

Iran: Demonstration of Thousands of Farmers Chanting: "We Fight, We Die, We Get Back Our Water Share"

Iran Uprising - No. 121

The protests of thousands of desperate farmers from cities of Varzaneh, Sarshiadoran, Ejiyeh ... With the support of the people of Isfahan became more widespread on Friday.

Iran: Protests of Workers, Farmers, Educators, Students and Other Deprived Classes

Iran uprising - No. 120

On Tuesday and Wednesday, March 13th and 14th, in addition to the protests of the uprising youth at the ceremony of Chaharshanbeh Suri (Fire Festival), the protests of fed up people continued:

Two Prisoners Died on the Eve of Nowruz (Iranian New Year) Due to Deprivation of Medical Treatment

The Prison of Greater Tehran (Fashafooyeh)

Abdul Rauf Pahang, a 30-year-old prisoner in Saravan Prison, who was infected with TB, died on the eve of Nowruz and the Iranian New Year on Tuesday morning, March 14, because the torturers denied him medical treatment. Abdul Rauf's cellmates had repeatedly warned the prison guards about the condition of the prisoner and demanded his transfer to the hospital, but did not receive any response. Recently, tuberculosis has spread in Saravan Prison and some other prisoners have been infected with the disease.

Iran: 889 Arrested in 22 Cities During Fire Festival

Iran Uprising – No. 119- Fire Festival

The mullahs' anti-human regime resorted to widespread arrests across Iran to confront the popular uprisings and protests on Fire Festival celebration (March 13th). According to repressive police officials, 889 people were arrested in only 22 cities of the country.

Clashes and Protests in Dozens of Iran Cities, Setting Khamenei's Pictures and Centers of Repression on Fire

Iran Uprising- No 118- Fire Feast

Despite the suppressive forces being on full alert and oppressive measures taken by the mullahs' regime, including widespread arrests, various Iranian cities witnessed popular protests against the regime during the annual fire festival, Chaharshanbe Suri, on Tuesday, March 13. Initial reports state:

Iran Regime's Desperate Conspiracies Against PMOI/MEK in Albania

Embassy of Iran regime in Tirana, Albania

The clerical regime’s Ministry of Intelligence and its agents in the regime’s embassy in Albania are working under the cover of cultural activities in Tehran and Tirana through the use of their known mercenaries to slander and disseminate false information against the Iranian resistance and the PMOI in Albania. While the mullahs regime is besieged by uprisings, protests and strikes all over the country, it needs more than ever to plot against its main opposition.


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