NCRI - Mullah Hossein Noori Hamedani, one of the regime’s senior clergies in Qom and a figure close to Khamenei, has announced that protesting against regime’s Guardian Council is forbidden.

Vetting the candidates of regime’s various election shows is one of the duties the state council is tasked with.

Now with regime’s presidential election show getting closer, the debate over qualifying or disqualifying the candidates has once again turned into a real conflict between regime’s rival bands.

According to state-run ISNA news agency, Noori Hamedani announced on April 19 that “protesting against the Guardian Council or questioning its decisions is forbidden.”

Hamedani added that Khomeini, founder of the Iranian regime, has repeatedly mentioned in his ‘Sahife Noor’ book that anyone protesting against the Guardian Council has not only sinned, but will be considered as someone who’s involved in spreading corruption on earth.

According to laws applied by the religious regime ruling Iran, spreading corruption on earth means waging war against god, which deserves heavy punishments such as execution or cutting off hands and feet.

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