NCRI - The political prisoners of Ardabil Prison, in a statement, boycotted the sham Presidential Election that is going to be held on May 19th, 2017. They have urged all Iranians to make rational and right decisions on the future of Iran, as well as its problems. The prisoners also asked the Iranians not to participate in the Election and to stand against the oppressive regime.

The letter is addressed to the Iranian people, which states in part, "The philosophy of the election has always been clear, free, and far from any kind of discrimination, such as ethnicity, language, religion, and so on, and the election has always been an opportunity for all people. Indeed, the international observers monitor any decision on the fate of all nations and the goal of an election is to move towards progress and perfection with a clear and ideal understanding. Additionally, the people's rights and desires are always considered and respected and, ultimately, there will be progress and freedom in every society."

The political prisoners wrote in their letter, "Nevertheless, the elections in Iran are confined to a particular religious and political spectrum, unlike other societies in the world. In addition, these spectrums transfer the power to each other in each round of the elections. Meanwhile, due to regime's discriminations, those groups, circles, ethnic and religious minorities are deprived of participating in this important national religious event and they take no part in the administration of their country."

The political prisoners stressed in their letter that in such events, the authorities have never met people's demands. Consequently, people have always coped with the considerable pressures day by day and been isolated as well.

The political prisoners also stressed that participating in the election makes no sense in such a chaotic political situation when the people do not have their legitimate rights. In fact, the intended person has already been elected. Naturally, he has no obligation, power, sovereign, and will of its own in order to fulfill the demands of the people. He will never be eligible to carry out the country's policy in the domestic and foreign spheres. He will only serve to protect the interests of his gang. Therefore, he would not be capable of governing and meeting the people's demands.

At the end, the political prisoners of Ardabil Prison also stressed boycotting the election, "as we explained some fundamental problems with the election, and we the political prisoners expect the conscious people of Iran to make logical and right decisions with a broad perspective and sense of responsibility towards the future of Iran. We ask you not to participate in the Presidential Election so that the regime will not continue its oppression, injustice, and abuse against the people of Iran anymore."

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