NCRI - Iranian officials and state-run media outlets have responded widely to the “No to Sham Election” campaign launched by the Iranian people and Resistance, stating:

“We are facing a ruthless enemy. Therefore, even small differences inside the country are not right and must not be provoked,” said Taha Mohammadi, the Friday prayer imam in Hamedan, western Iran. “The People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) are striving to disrupt the country’s elections,” he said with grave concerns according to the state-run Fars news agency.

The state-run Aftab News website reported the positions of the Iranian Resistance and PMOI/MEK regarding the elections.

“The Al Arabiya news network has recently become a propaganda platform for statements and articles written by the PMOI/MEK and members of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI),” the post reads.

The PMOI/MEK, “aiming to influence the 2017 presidential election, have resorted to a widespread publication of rumors about divides amongst senior regime officials by presenting educative and training context on overthrowing and causing riots, and relating measures such as the roundup of satellite dishes to the elections, in an attempt to encourage people to boycott the polls. They also highlight other issues such as embezzlement, allocating budgets to Syria, Iraq and …” according to the state-run Jahan News website.

The PMOI/MEK, “through their connections with their supporters inside the country, have asked them to gather news about the election, including forecasts on participation percentages, the chances political factions enjoy, possible candidates and people’s opinions,” this website added.

Another state-run website has also voiced concern and inability in confronting the MEK’s activities inside Iran.

“In addition to the (PMOI/MEK) network’s presence and recent call to boycott the vote, one must refer to their power and influence in social media, especially their presence in projects that are costing the country big. The (MEK’s) intertwined Twitter network… has been able to launch and navigate relatively effective campaigns against (the Iranian regime),” according to Ensaf News website.

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