Europe's Deadly Inaction and Misguided Policy on Iran

By Farzin Hashemi

On Tuesday, 14 February 2017, the US representative office of the National Council of Resistance revealed in a press conference in Washington D.C. new information about the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) hosting terrorist training camps for foreign fighters. The information was obtained by the network of the Peoples Mojahedin Organisation of Iran (PMOI/MEK).

Free Iran rally was an earthquake for mullahs' regime

By Elaheh Azimfar

Elaheh Azimfar is a member of the National Council of Resistance of Iran and the NCRI’s representative for international organizations

Iran Regime at War with Entire World On All-Out International Support for Iranian Resistance

Maryam Rajavi wins the hearts and minds of Iranians

By Elaheh Azimfar

Elaheh Azimfar is a member of the National Council of Resistance of Iran and the NCRI’s representative for international organizations

In two days' time, the world will witness the largest annual gathering of Iranian exiles in Le Bourget, Paris, with Maryam Rajavi as the keynote speaker.

Respect Syrian people’s decision on “Assad’s future”

Elaheh Azimfar is NCRI representative for international organizations

On Friday November 13, Paris was targeted in one of the most horrific terrorist attacks Europe has ever seen. Abhorrently, while the French people were in sorrow, the ISIS (ISIL, IS, Daesh) was happy to be behind this crime against humanity and even threatened that there will be more revengeful attacks.

Another plunge in Iran’s Rial

Dr. Sanabargh Zahedi

By Dr. Sanabargh Zahedi

In Tehran on Monday, the value of Iran’s official currency, the Rial, took yet another dive, standing at 35000 rials for each U.S. dollar. Two years ago, it stood at 29000 rials to the dollar.

No nuclear deal can whitewash Tehran’s appalling human rights record

Dr. Antonio Stango is the President of the Italian Helsinki Committee for Human Rights

The image of bodies hanging from cranes for the “heinous” crimes of civil disobedience or perceived threat has become a common site to many in Iran.

At home the regime’s “moderate” President Hassan Rouhani is executing its citizens at a record rate – approximately 1,800 in total – a number that far exceeds even his predecessor, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Under Rouhani, a Washington Post journalist has been arrested and left to rot in prison with thousands of others, without any real representation, for crimes they didn’t commit. And all the while, this leader says one thing to the West, while publicly trumpeting their deception, particularly on the nuclear issue, to the Iranian public.

Nuclear talks would not change nature or conduct of Iran regime

Elisabetta Zamparutti is an official of Hands Off Cane, and a former member of the Italian Parliament
The sun was just creeping up over the desert sand one early morning in September 2013, a small encampment of Iranian refugees  in Iraq, Camp Ashraf, was fast asleep, but things changed in an instant. Iraqi soldiers, acting at the behest of the Iranian regime during the tenure of former Iraqi Prime Minister, Nouri al-Maliki,  gathered the unarmed Iranians who fled persecution in their homeland seeking safe heaven, lined them up and executed them, extinguishing their lives. 
This horrific incident,  was the indirect work of an Iran regime flexing its muscle across the region by sewing the seeds of chaos and despair. The  52 victims, members of the People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran, the principal Iranian opposition movement, couldn’t fight, or speak up, like their brethren in Iran and those is most of the Middle East. On Sunday of June 13th however, Iranians spoke up and spread their message loudly and clearly: regime change in Iran.

Iran news in brief

Commemoration of Camp Ashraf 52 martyrs

Solidarity with the historic resistance of the people of Iran for freedom

Maryam Rajavi in the grand gathering of Free Iran- paris, July 1,2017

Free Iran Gathering - Paris, 1 July, 2017

IRAN: Ali Fallahian’s shocking Confessions regarding 1988 massacre of political prisoners

#FreeIran Gathering in the Eyes of the World Dignitaries

Message of Support From Romanian parliamentarian Ben Oni Ardelean to Iranian Opposition Grand Gathe

Public support for the IrIranian Opposition Grand Gathering

Message of Support From Romanian parliamentarian Vlad Durus to Iranian Opposition Grand Gathering

Senator Lucio Malan member of Italian Senate support for the IrIranian Opposition Grand Gathering

Support for the Iranian Opposition Grand Gathering (Free Iran)

Message of Support From Romanian parliamentarian Romeo Nicoara to Iranian Opposition Grand Gathering

Violent attack of regime’s police forces on protesting gold miners in the North West of Iran


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