Iran: Tower Block Building, a Tunnel for Regime's Theft

By Mahmoud Hakamian

Geographically speaking, Tehran is located in a valley surrounded by mountains on three sides. In the meantime, officials and bands within the regime have through building high-rises prevented the city from breathing; first by eradicating Tehran’s northern gardens to make room for new buildings, and then by erecting tower blocks in gardens’ places, thereby preventing airflow in the city.

A News Report and All This Fear Inside Iranian Regime!

By Mahmoud Hakamian

Following recent remarks made by the US Secretary of Defense James Mattis based on the importance of regime change in Iran, we have been witnessing extreme reactions from the Iranian regime. Why?

For two reasons Mattis’ remarks are nothing normal:

The Catastrophic Destruction of Industries and Mines in Iran

By Mahmoud Hakamian
Iran’s economic crisis has become catastrophic. The most important characteristic feature of this economic disaster is the recession, and consequently, srising unemployment of the young generation and the workforce, which has shown its immense impact in unprecedented loss of life.

The Iran Regime's Missile Attack on Syria, to Cover Which Fear?

By Mahmoud Hakamian

Ali Khamenei, supreme leader of the Iranian regime, one day before of missile strike to Al-Maiadeen town of Deirazor province in the Syria, in response to recent statements by the US secretary of state, said: "America has always sought to change the Islamic republic from the beginning of the revolution, but they will not be able to slap the Iranian nation, but it's Iran, who will slap them”.

Iran's Dangerous, Nationwide Phenomenon of Land Subsidence Due to Disastrous Policies

Spread of the devastating scourge of land subsidence in today’s Iran, in addition to country’s other life-threatening crises, is yet another catastrophic crisis which is totally a result of Iranian regime’s anti-people and anti-national policies.

Land subsidence in some areas is so severe that it has reduced buildings’ resistance to earthquake to only four in Richter scale.

Crisis Among Iran's Credit Institution Escalated Over Past Week

By Elaheh Azimfar

A too important issue popped up as a major economic crisis immediately after Iranian regime’s recent presidential election show is the bankruptcy of the Revolutionary Guards’ credit and financial institutions.

According to regime’s media, one of the bankrupt institutions is Caspian, with Fereshtegan as one of its subsidiaries.

Shocking Figures on Widespread Addiction Among Iranian Students

By Mahmoud Hakamian

It’s no secret to anyone today that the social crises in Iran are totally the result of Iranian regime’s predatory, anti-people policies over the past four decades.

Yet, one of the darkest pages of the regime’s disgraceful rule is related to addiction and widespread use of drugs, particularly among children and students. This is even more widespread among children living in marginal urban areas as there’s a direct relation between poverty and homelessness on one hand and addiction on the other.


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