NCRI - Setting up tents in front of the Caspian Credit Institute HQ in Allameh street in Tehran’s Saadat Abad district, the institution’s exploited investors continue their protest.

The round-the-clock gathering, started from March 5, continued on Monday March 13. Accompanied with their families, the demonstrators had set up tents, demanding that their looted money be returned.

It should be noted that many people across the country had trusted Caspian Credit Company enough to decide to invest there, as its name was listed in Central Bank’s official website as an authorized institution on March 17, 2016.

Due to Central Bank’s failure to fulfill its previous obligations as well as lack of transparency in its official website, people are the main victims of this major event, as they don’t have any means of knowing about the Central Bank’s behind-the-scenes agreements except through the bank’s official website and public media.

While the situation of the Caspian Credit Institution remains unaddressed, investors say that they can no longer trust the Central Bank’s long-term promises since it was this bank in the first place that laid the foundation of the Institute on lack of transparency and truth, causing the investors to make losses for nine months by the bank’s putting the institute’s name on its website.

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