Iran: Mother of Executed Young Female Prisoner Writes a Letter to Mark June 20

NCRI - In a letter to mark June 20, the day to commemorate 30,000 political prisoners massacred in Iranian regime’s prisons in the ‘80s, Mrs. Sholeh Pakrava, mother of executed Rayhaneh Jabbari, has called for perpetrators and instigators of the crime to be put to trial.

Below are parts of Mrs. Jabbari’s letter:

Iran Regime's Vigilantes Acting on Khamenei's Fire-At-Will Order to Prevent Women From Entering Stadiums

NCRI - The consequences of remarks made by Iranian regime leader Ali Khamenei, encouraging Basijis and soft-war officers to independently make decisions and swing into action at their own will, are emerging as more repression and  heavier atmosphere of fear.

In one instance, the so-called ‘Hezbollah Coordination Council’ consisting of Basijis and plaintiff vigilantes has announced that allowing women into stadiums is against the Islamic law.

Iran: Female Political Prisoner Writes a Letter to Mark the End of Her 54-Day Hunger Strike

NCRI - Atena Daemi, the political activist held in Evin Prison, has ended her 54-day hunger strike after her demands were met.

To mark the event, Ms. Daemi has written an open letter to the public, addressing the reasons why she decided to go on hunger strike and what she went through during the time. In her letter, Atena has also appreciated everyone who supported her during her 54-day hunger strike.

Iran Regime Official: 10 Provinces Crossed Hijab Red Line

 NCRI - Ahmad Sehat Ghol, a director in Iran’s Islamic Media Organization, considered the fact that “ten Iranian provinces violated hijab red lines” as an “alarm bell” for the Iranian regime.

“If we review the charts on the situation of hijab across the country, there are 10 provinces that have crossed the red line in this regard,” he said to the semi-official Tasnim news agency on Wednesday.

Iran: Female Political Prisoner on Hunger Strike & in Dire Conditions in Evin Prison

NCRI - Atena Daemi, an Iranian female political prisoner, is reported to be in dire condition in Tehran’s notorious Evin Prison after 44 days of hunger strike.

On the night of May 20 she was transferred to Evin’s clinic after symptoms such as “stomach ache and vomiting.”

Iran: Dangerous Interruptions, in Medical Treatment of a Female Political Prisoner

NCRI - A female political prisoner in Evin prison, charged with supporting the MEK, is suffering from severe tendon rupture in her leg as she has been deliberately denied medical treatment and access to hospital by prison officials.

Fatemeh Mosanna suffered from a leg injury earlier this year and was denied access to a hospital by prison officials at the time of the incident. After months of delay and enduring pain, a clinic outside of prison has diagnosed her with chronic tendon rupture and have stated the denial of medical treatment to this political prisoner as the reason behind her worsening situation.

Iran: Why Is Khamenei Opposing UNESCO 2030 Initiative?

NCRI - On May 7th Iran regime’s Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei officially stated his regime will not abide by the UNESCO 2030 initiative terms to expand and equalize education for all.

The cabinet of Iran regime’s President Hassan Rouhani that signed the document last winter was not obliged to do so, he added.

In this initiative, what Khamenei has stood firmly against, is the issue of gender equality in education.

Video: Young Woman Ran Over by Iran Police For "Improper Veiling"

NCRI - A video clip posted on social media shows a young Iranian woman being run over by a police vehicle in Tehran for “improper veiling.”

Scenes show an ongoing dispute between the police and the young woman, and her being run over. Iran’s violent behavior with young men and women under the pretext of improper clothing, especially those seen by the repressive so called “Guidance Police” continues to this day.

Iran: Female Futsal Player Eliminated From Team for Violating Hijab Regulations

NCRI - The misogynist Iranian regime has eliminated a national women’s futsal team member for failing to abide by hijab regulations.

Shiva Amini took to her Instagram page to write this about her banning:

“For our officials, it is not important to bring home a medal of honor for Iran. Hijab is more important for them than women’s sports and this is painful. Is the hijab rule mandatory outside of the country that I have to obey it?”

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