Iran Acknowledges Launching 1,000 Missiles on MEK Headquarters in 2001

NCRI - Iran’s Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) acknowledged once again the launching of  1,000 missiles targeting opposition People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) bases in Iraq back in 2001.

The IRGC is also admitting it lacked the courage to acknowledge this criminal aggression upon a neighboring country and refusing to make a public announcement.

Revolutionary Guard's Missiles Fired Into Syria Hit Hospitals and Residential Areas

NCRI - “The six missiles launched into Deir ez-Zor by Iranian regime’s Revolutionary Guards have actually hit a hospital, residential areas, and a number of schools used to accommodate refugees”, says a Syrian writer and journalist in his interview with NRT TV.

The Real "Recipe for War" Is Iran Regime's Intervention in Syria

NCRI - Confrontations involving the Iranian regime and its proxies are causing tensions to reach new levels in the Middle East.

One of the most recent confrontations involves Saudi Arabia – an arch rival to Iran. The Saudis have caught three IRGC agents (Iran regime’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps) that were approaching the Saudi offshore Marjan oil field in a vessel.

Iran Regime and Assad's Policies of Forced Migration and Demographic Change in Syria

NCRI - Forced migration and demographic change policies that are being implemented by Assad’s regime, its paratroops and collaborators, is threatening national identity and social structure of Syria. The bureau of Legal studies of Syria from the Syrian National Coalition announced the above news.

Iran Regime Should Stop Interfering in Iraq, Iraqi vp Allawi Says

The Iranian regime's support to so-called Shi'ite groups in Iraq is obstructing efforts to bridge the sectarian divide ahead of a parliamentary election next year, Iraqi Vice President Iyad Allawi said on Friday.

Iraqi leaders hope to restore control over all Iraqi territory, defeating Islamic State, before an election due by the middle of next year, Reuters reported.

The Syrian National Coalition Official on the Iran Regime's Meddling in That Country

NCRI - Salah al-Hamwi member of the political committee of the Syrian National Coalition, who had spent a quarter of a century in prison of Assad’s regime, in an interview with Freedom Broadcasting (IRANNTV), which was broadcasted on Thursday, June 15, 2017, called the Iranian regime an occupying force in Syria, and called for standing up assertively against the regime’s tugs in Syria.

Iran Regime's Parliament Speaker:Called Tehran's June 7th Incident As "Valuable Gem" 

NCRI - Continued exploitation of the Iranian regime in Tehran of June 7the incident, parliamentary speaker Ali Larijani called it as "a valuable jewel," for the regime. He is calling that incident of last Wednesday as a valuable gem, while the blood of innocent people were shed only few steps away from their session and, while they continue their session very cool.

Onward With Iranian Resistance: Regime Change Is Within Reach

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