NCRI - Iranian regime’s Prosecutor General, Jafar Montazeri, once again expressed fear about the consequences of publishing Ayatollah Hossein Ali Montazeri audio file exposing and harshly criticizing massacre of 30,000 political prisoners in Iran in the summer of 1988 upon Khomeini’s fatwa. He said: “The enemy’s goal is to strike the foundation and principle of the system (regime) and leadership. We believe the enemy has started a project in this regard in Qom and publishing the audio file of the dismissed Supreme Leader’s Deputy and the interviews of some people in Qom with foreign media are a few examples of that project.”

Regarding widespread publication of the audio file in cyberspace and social media despite Iranian regime’s censorship and attempts to prevent its publication, Khamenei’s Prosecutor General worriedly said: “Cyberspace has become a grave disaster for our society. That is why in the Seminaries we are trying to perform our duty in this regard and a group of good scholars of Qom’s Seminary are pursuing the issue of cyberspace.”

Meanwhile, Mullah Makarem Shirazi, a state mullah affiliated to Khamenei’s band, also revealed fear of the Velayat-e faqih regime about publication of Mr. Montazeri’s audio file and said: “Publishing Montazeri’s audio file is an action of vengeance and a vindictive move that should be taken seriously.”

“A group is looking for revenge in order to destroy the system (regime). There is coordination between the people inside the country and abroad. Such people should be taken and dealt with seriously so that such issues are not repeated again in the society,” he added.

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