Iran: Medical Centers Decline the Insured Patients

NCRI - Medical centers across Iran are refusing to accept patients due to the enormous debt owed by insurance companies to the Social Security Organization, according to the Chair of Iran’s parliament Social Commission.

Salman Khodadadi implicitly accused the Health Ministry and its affiliated medical centers of showing distraint in their pursuit of delayed demands from insurance companies.

Drones Banned in Tehran, IRGC Concerned of Khamenei's Security

NCRI - Deputy commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Tharallah Garrison said flying personal and private drones is banned in Tehran.

“The IRGC Tharallah Garrison is responsible to maintain the security of Tehran, and this entity must issue the authority to fly drones,” said Alireza Rabi’i on Monday, February 20th in an interview with the IRGC Quds Force-affiliated Tasnim news agency.

Iran: Ahvaz Protests a Prelude to Events Which Will Rattle the Mullahs' Entire Foundation

The city of Ahvaz in southwest Iran has been the scene of continuous unrest.

Tensions continue to rise between the new U.S. administration and Iran with a series of actions and reactions. Most recently, Iran has launched a new round of military drills, embarking on more provocative actions, while U.S. allies such as Saudi Arabia and Israel have joined in by issuing what is described as twin warnings to Iran. Wrote Heshmat Alavi in AL-Arabiya on February 22.

Iran: Looming Environmental Catastrophe in Oil Rich Khuzestan Province

NCRI - The state-run ‘Mardom Salari’ in its February 16th editorial said Iranian regime officials have executed various plans to reroute river waters, excessive dam construction and fast exploitation of oil wells at very low costs, resulting in the destruction of important ponds in Khuzestan Province, southwest Iran. This has rendered an environmental catastrophe endangering the locals’ wellbeing and lifestyle.

This daily first refers to the subject of dust storms making life very difficult for the province locals. This daily writes:

Corruption in Iran's Red Crescent

NCRI - There is a huge amount of corruption within Iran’s Red Crescent, due to interference by the Iranian Regime, according to a report by the Fars news agency, which is affiliated to Iran’s Revolutionary Guards.

They reported that corruption and incompetence plagued the humanitarian organisation, leaving it unable to care for the vulnerable and the sick.

Iran Regime's MP: Our Detachment From People Is a Great Risk, We Need to Be Alert

NCRI - The plenary session of Iranian regime’s parliament on Wednesday last week was filled with warnings and concerns expressed by regime’s bands over the consequences of socioeconomic crises and outburst of people’s anger due to increased poverty, deprivation and social inequality, with some of the comments listed below:

Iran - the Disasters Could Not Be Concealed

NCRI - Despite repeated failures, the Iranian regime’s State Security Forces (police) and other state-run institutions once again are planning to collect the children of labor off the streets.

The implementation of the plan has made authorities in Tehran to try to present reasons for the past failures rather than addressing the roots of the problem which had begun to appear in Iran since the inception of the clerical regime in Iran.

Iran Regime Sold the Corpse of an Executed Prisoner for $3,000

NCRI - Selling unclaimed corpses in Iran has been widely noticed in recent weeks after it was found that medical colleges are paying up to $3,000 per corpse in the black-market, according to new reports.

The state-run Rokna news agency reported on February 15 that the lack of deceased bodies has forced medical students to seek help from the black markets to buy corpses to use as cadavers for medical research purposes.

IRAN: MPs Warn Khuzestan Electricity, Water and Communication Blackout Is Becoming National Threat

NCRI - Members of the Iranian regime’s parliament and experts warn the recent electricity, water and communication blackout in southern oil reach province of Khuzestan which has revealed ‘negligence’ by authorities is becoming a national threat.

on February 11 a number of power stations in the Khuzestan province failed and water and electricity in most major cities of this province were cut off. The situation was blamed on heavy dust and humidity of almost 100%.

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