Iran: The lives of 60% of thalassemia patients are at risk

The Thalassemia Association's president, in response to the discontinuation of the coverage of vital medicines in thalassemic patients, said that more than 60% of thalassemic patients have used imported drugs for many years, and once they turn into drugs produced inside the country, they create mental, psychological and physical problems for the patients.

Iran: Metro Company Does Not Provide the Employee's Social Insurance Premiums

NCRI - The head of the Transport and Traffic Committee of Tehran City Council says that the Metro Motor Operations Company deducts the employees' premium fees from their salary payment cheques but does not deposit it into the insurer's accounts.

According to state-run ILNA news agency, on Sunday July 23, 2017, Mohsen Sarkhou said: “The social security premium of the Metro operations company has not been paid since the beginning of June, and this has made difficulties for the staff's medical insurance booklet being accepted by the medical centers.

Iran: The Probability of Another Explosion in Coal Mines

NCRI - One of the regime's agents at the Supreme Council for Technical and Health Protection of the Work acknowledged the safety issues in the mines of Kerman Province, stating that, "The incident occurred in Ravar Mine of Kerman on Wednesday could have been as disastrous as Zemestan-Yurt Mine."

Half of Iranian Students Drop out of Schools Due to Economic Problems

NCRI - The Head of Literacy Movement Organization of Iran stated that 53% of students drop out of schools in Iran due to economic problems and 35% of cases are originated from cultural issues.

According to the state-run IRNA News on July 24, 2017, Ali Bagherzadeh also announced that 12% to 15% of students leave school because of issues related to the Education Organization.

Iran: Lake Urmia Drying, Danger of Disease for 14 Million People

NCRI - Lake Urmia in northwest Iran is on the verge of downright drying, according to the director general of crisis management bureau in West Azerbaijan Province.

“If Lake Urmia is not revived, the lives of more than 14 million people will be at risk, endangered by various diseases,” said Amir Abbas Jafari on Sunday.

Former Tehran U. President: Even Senior Officials Are Constantly Talking About Regime Change

 NCRI - Dr. Mohammad Malaki, the first president of Tehran University following the 1979 revolution, recently said we have reached a time when senior Iranian regime officials themselves are constantly talking about regime change. These remarks were made recently in an interview regarding the latest round of arrests and the words of former Iranian intelligence minister Ali Fallahian.

The Escalation of Insecurity and Pressure Against Iranian Women and Children

NCRI - In its July-23 article, state-run ‘Mardom-Salari’ newspaper points to widespread suppression of women and critical conditions of innocent children under the Mullahs’ regime, saying “it’s been years that we’ve got used to hearing such news as acid attacks, murder, rape, harassments, knife fights, and other crimes, so much that we no longer get surprised, as if the coldness of such bitter news have penetrated so deep inside us and made us so numb that we don’t know how to react to such incidents, if we ever can.”

Iran Regime's Senior Mullah: The Rise of Divorce, Poverty and Theft Is Due to Abandoning "The Promotion of Virtue"

NCRI - The representative of Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei, in Fars province admitted that social damages in 2016 in various fields, such as addiction, lower number of marriages, growing divorce, poverty, unemployment and so on, were more than 2015 and claimed this was due to abandoning “the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice.”

Bloody Accidents Ambush Fuel Transporters in Southeast Borders of Iran

NCRI - Fuel Transporters in the province of Sistan and Baluchistan (Southeast of Iran) are faced with the threats of death, injury or blasting of their vehicles or fuel tankers.

Widespread unemployment has led many graduate students to sell fuel at the borders of Pakistan and Afghanistan to make a living. Fossil fuels are bought and sold in Sistan and Baluchistan along these borders.


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