Iran: Four Patients Die in Hospital Due to Contaminated Drinking Water

NCRI - A health official of Khuzestan Province (southwest Iran) announced that contaminated drinking water caused several patients die in Sina Hospital in Ahwaz this summer.

According to the state-run IRNA news agency, Shokrollah Salman Zadeh, health deputy of Ahwaz university medical sciences, on Tuesday, January 17, said according to expert studies, the reason for the death of Dialysis patients in Sina hospital in Karoun County, a suburb of Ahwaz, is contaminated drinking water.

Iran: Tehran's Iconic High-Rise (Plasco Building) Collapsed Due to Fire

NCRI - This morning (19 January 2017) in Tehran Plasco commercial building collapsed due to fire.

Iran regime stated: the firefighters were inside the utterly collapsed building, it is reported that at least thirty fire fighters are dead.

The fate of many people and firefighters in the building is still unknown. Hospitals are on alert around the area and army has entered the scene.

Iran: Over %25 of ICU Patients Die Due to Hospital Infections

NCRI - “Unfortunately, we can say that roughly more than 25 percent of the deaths of our patients in the intensive care unit is due to infection.” Stated Head of the Scientific Society of Critical Care

According to state-run ILNA news agency, on January 18, Ali Amir Savad Kouhi, Head of the Scientific Society of Critical Care, in an interview said: “Patients who enter the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) have a lower immunity (body immune system) and the possibility of transmission of infection to these patients is very high.”

Iran: Second Lashing Sentence Issued for Reporters

NCRI - Following publication of the news regarding lashing of a reporter in Najaf Abad (Province of Isfahan, central Iran) and implementation of 40 lashes, another reporter in Shahroud (Province of Semnan, central Iran) received 40 lashes as well in less than a month.

According to the state-run Quds Online news agency on January 18, manager of the local site “Shahroud news” was sentenced to 40 lashes after trail in a branch of the criminal court in the city of Shahroud.

Iran: 9 Homeless Persons Sleeping on Cardboards Died in the Past 3 Months in Tehran

NCRI - 9 homeless persons sleeping on cardboards have died in the past three months in Tehran. Head of the Iranian regime’s center for forensic dissection diagnostics laboratory in Tehran in an interview revealed.

Iran: 200 Schools Shut Down for Teaching Music and Foreign Languages

NCRI - The Head of the Organization for Non-State Schools at the Ministry of Education announced that they have identified and closed 200 science and language schools in Tehran Province.

As the state-run reports, Marzieh Gord referred to the English language teaching in some primary schools and stated: "teaching any language except Farsi is totally forbidden in primary schools. The Supreme Council of the Ministry of Education has not issued any official permit for teaching foreign languages in the primary schools."

Iran: 20 People Receive $3.5 Billion Suspicious Loan From Teachers' Reserve Fund

NCRI - While retired teachers and educators are fed up with poor living cultural and legal discrimination, head of the Education and Research Commission of Iranian regime’s parliament revealed that 20 people have received 11,000 billion Tomans (3.5 billion dollars) loans from the Teachers and Educators Reserve Fund suspected on not being paid back to the Reserve Fund.

Severe Drought in the Major Centers of Population in Iran

NCRI - According to the head of the National Drought and Disaster Management of Meteorological Organizations, some %84 of Iran is facing some degree of drought and 10% of the country is at risk of “severer drought.”

On Friday, January 13, state-run ISNA news agency quoting Shahrokh Fateh, head of the national meteorological organization, wrote: “Based on the SPEI index (internationally recognized system for measuring drought), in the past twelve months ending in December, there are mild to severe droughts in many parts of the country.”

French Organization Calls for a Boycott of Iran Regime’s Football

NCRI - A French organization called for total boycott of Iranian regime’s football because of the regime carrying out executions in football stadiums. The request was sent to the International Football Federation (FIFA) and the FIFA’s secretary general has also supported the call.

According to state-run ISNA news agency, on January 12, French news site SOfoot wrote that FIFA has recently added an article (provision) to its statutes emphasizing on human rights according to which the organization will deal with countries that implement death penalty in sports stadiums.

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