Iran: Rouhani's Cabinet Seeking to Cloak Its Economic Corruption

NCRI - Chair of the Iranian parliament research and investigation commission said as we near the elections the government is seeking to cloak any economic corruption.

“The Teachers Savings Fund is in poor conditions and based on the evaluations made, there has been over 8 trillion tomans of dirty money transacted in this fund,” said Jabbar Kuchaki in an interview with the semi-official Tasnim news agency, affiliated to the Revolutionary Guards Quds Force.

Disaster Of "High Mothers" and Addicted Embryos They Carry in Iran

NCRI - On April 9, 2017, the Iranian state run newspaper “Qanoon” wrote a sad story about addicted mothers and the fetuses they carry entitled, “Emergence of ever greater variety of social pathologies have resulted in many problems in recent years”.

The newspaper stated, “Perhaps years earlier, it was just the addicted men and the homeless were considered biggest problems of the society, but today the damage has increased and expanded, which one witnesses in the increasing number of addicted women, homeless, child labor, street children, abuse of children, and especially the addicted babies.”

Iran: Diseases and Crumbling Hospitals…

NCRI - Considering the high cost of medicine and medical care, each year a percentage of the Iranian population fall below the poverty line after providing the crippling costs of such services.

The Iranian regime failing to provide adequate health and medical care budgets further intensifies this crisis.

The Health Ministry’s budget deficit is kicked down the road one year after another, forcing ordinary Iranians pay more for lower quality services.

Messaging App Telegram Denied Remarks Made by Iran's Communications Chief

NCRI - The social media company Telegram denied remarks made by Iranian Communications Minister Mahmoud Vaezi based on the launch of its voice phone service in Iran hinging on the consensus of operators.

“Establishing Telegram’s voice communication is conditioned on mobile phone operators in Iran,” Vaezi had claimed. Telegram responded to a question in this regard on its website, saying we are providing our voice service across the globe and in our opinion Iran is no different from any other country in the world. This service will be launched in due time in Iran, the company added.

Iran: Shocking Scenes of Cars and Passengers Being Dragged and Drowned in the Flood

Azerbaijan Province – North Western Iran: APRIL 14, 2017. severe raining since Friday morning caused a massive flood resulting more than 50 villages being destroyed and unknown number of people killed, injured and disappeared in the flood, the weather forecast was indicative of the flood and Rouhani’s trip to this province was cancelled but the authorities did nothing to caution people and take necessary measures to prevent and control the damages, and human lives losses.

The Iran Regime's Terrorist IRGC Qods Force: We Are Engulfed in a Minefield

NCRI - Tasnim News, affiliated with the terrorist Qods Force, described the Iran regime’s fear of the impact of cyberspace on the upcoming presidential election in Iran; comparing it to a minefield that has surrounded the regime. According to the article, “Under such circumstances, we are engulfed in a minefield. Since the number of enemies has increased, they have a soft but imposing approach with the regime through the media and cyberspace. Therefore, we have to cope with this issue with reasonable and tactful approaches.”

Iran: Depression Doubles in Past 26 Years/People Are Literally Hopeless

NCRI - Iran’s Health Minister said in the past 26 years that the number of people suffering from depression has doubled.

“The people are victims of wrong decisions made by a number of policymakers and what we see today is unfortunately in a path of hopelessness,” Hassan Ghazizadeh said on Sunday at a World Health Day event.

Iran: Ascending Trend of Population Living in City Outskirts

NCRI - 20 million people are living in Iran’s city outskirts, according to the regime’s parliamentary Social Commission chair. In a recent interview with state TV, Salman Khodadadi said 35% of the country’s population is living in such conditions, adding this is not an issue that can be resolved in a short period.

This phenomenon is the result of the Iranian regime plundering the people’s wealth and destroying the country’s production lines. Furthermore, entities such as the Revolutionary Guards are in control of a large swathe of Iran’s economy.

Iran: Protests Following the Arrest of a Sunni Cleric

NCRI - The Public Prosecutor of Zahedan – South Eastern city, confirmed that the Sunni Leader of the Friday prayer of Sistan and Baluchestan pronvince has been summoned to the court. According to the news, Fazl Al-Rahman Kuhi is imprisoned in the security detention of Mashhad and his supporters had staged a protest in Sarbaz Town.

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