Unemployment of More Than 1,000 Miners in a Mine in Iran

NCRI - Closure and transfer of mines in Savadkooh, Mazandaran province (northern Iran) forced about a thousand miners in that city to stay at home or into unemployment. Mehr News Agency reported on Wednesday, May 24.

It caused workers to stage a protest gathering in the central square of Savadkooh, since miners’ salaries have not been paid for last 4 months. According to that News Agency.

We Would Not Have Burned If We Had Safety Clothes: Iran Miner After Explosion

NCRI - Only three weeks after the Yurt Azadshahr mine explosion in the city of Gorgan, northern Iran, that left 44 miners killed, we have heard news about another explosion in the Steel Industry Factory of Boyer Ahmad, southern Iran. These workers have not received their paychecks for the past 8 or 9 months, and even the money for their safety clothes have been plundered.

An explosion at 2:45 am on Monday, May 22nd shook this factory and 66 workers suffered burns. They were transferred to the cities of Shiraz and Isfahan as ten suffered serious burns.

Iran's Labor Ministry Under Pressure to Deny Workers' Problems

NCRI - We only enjoy the senior officials’ approval if we refuse to express the labor community’s problems, said the head of the so-called High Council of Iran Laborers.

“Senior officials refuse to hear the problems of the workers community,” said Mohammad Yarahmadi in a press conference on Wednesday, May 17, according to the semi-official Tasnim news agency.

Due to an Earthquake in North East Iran 400 People Are Injured

NCRI - An earthquake with a magnitude of 5.7 on Richter scale took place in Bojnoord (northeastern Iran) on Saturday 13 May, killed three. The epicenter of this earthquake has been reported "Pishqaleh" in North Khorasan. Since the report of this earthquake, 26 aftershocks with intensities of 1.0-2.8 on the Richter scale has shaken Bojnoord. Head of regime’s Disaster Management and Emergency Response in North Khorasan University of Medical Sciences said: The number of victims of Saturday's earthquake in the province has risen to 400.

Iran: Regime Refuses to Declare Exact Number of Azadshahr Miners Killed

Azadshahr mine explosion – No. 5

Yesterday the director general of the Golestan Province Crisis Management Department (northern Iran) said the body of another miner was discovered in the Azadshahr mine, raising the number of those killed to 43.

A week after the Azashahr mine explosion, the mullahs’ regime continues to refuse to announce the true number of casualties in this incident. This mine had 500 workers and yet the related organs are refusing to announce how many miners were inside the mine at the time of the explosion. A number of regime officials have said the explosion took place during a change of shifts, placing a larger number of workers in the mine. Other regime sources first announced 90 miners were trapped, and afterwards resorted to providing contradicting numbers to cloak the scope of this horrific incident.

Iran: Mine Incident Fatalities Reaches 43

NCRI - The Iranian regime’s officials and state media announced on Tuesday that the number of victims of a deadly explosion last week at a coal mine in northern Iran has reached 43.

Reza Marvati, the Iranian regime’s Deputy Governor of Golestan Province, northern Iran, said seven more bodies were found in the Yurt Azadshar mine after the recent explosion.

Iran: 450 College Students Hit by Food Poisoning

NCRI – More than 450 students of Yazd University, central Iran, have suffered from food poisoning, reports indicated on May 8.

Poor food in the men’s dormitory has been cited as the cause of this food poisoning epidemic which has affected at least 451, according to state-run media.

Iran: Western City's Only Heart Surgery Center on the Verge of Shut Down

NCRI - The only heart surgery center in the city of Brujerd in Lorestan Province, western Iran, is on the verge of shut down due to financial problems. Insurance organizations are refusing to pay 3.5 billion tomans (around $1mn) they owe this entity.

Iran: The Message of a Political Prisoner After Miners' Tragic Death

NCRI - Following the death of dozens of miners in the Azadshahr Yurt mine of Golestan Province (northern Iran) Labor activist and political prisoner Behnam Ebrahimzadeh sent a message saying the Iranian regime is responsible for this tragedy.

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