Rising Tensions Between Turkey and Iran

NCRI - Turkey has accused the Iranian regime of destabilizing the region. In response, the Iranian regime summoned the Turkish ambassador in Tehran.

The consecutive remarks made by the Turkish officials in Bahrain and Munich have outraged the Iranian regime. The Turkish officials directly accused the Iranian regime of destabilizing the countries of the region and of trying to develop the sectarian policy in Syria and Iraq.

A State-Run Media: Iran Should Accept That the World Order Has Changed

NCRI - A state-run media affiliated with Rouhani wrote about the changes in the US policy at the end of Obama's presidency as well as the dimensions of isolation and the global exclusion burdened on the Iranian regime as the sponsor of terrorism. The news reads:"Undoubtedly, the Iranian regime has to accept the fact that the order of the world and the region has changed and a new form of alliance has been formed among the enemies of our country. We have solely encountered with a global alliance."

Munich Security Conference, Emerging an International Consensus Against the Iran Regime

NCRI - Ended Sunday February 20, the Munich Security Conference turned into a scene of condemning the Iranian regime for its disrupting security and stability in the region.

The delegations in the conference had one sentence in common when speaking against the Iranian regime: the Iranian regime is the biggest state sponsor of terrorism in the world, said by US Vice President Mike Pence as well as Saudi FM Adel al-Jubeir. This consensus by itself makes it clear what a hostile atmosphere against the Iranian regime had been present in the conference.

Former Palestinian Chief Justice: Iran Regime Welcomes Disunity in Palestine

NCRI - In an interview with Aljazeera, Dr. Taysir Altamimi, former Palestinian Chief Justice, maintained the Resistance of Iran’s key role in exposing the true nature of the Iranian regime.

In the interview, released on Aljazeera Arabic website on Sunday February 19, Altamimi says that “NCRI plays a key role in revealing the realities of the vilayat-e-faqih regime, who ignites sectarian wars across the region.”

An Essential Balance to Respond to Iran Regime's Interventions in the Region

Arab NATO versus the Iranian ‘Warsaw Pact’

Around 100 years of the region’s history is made up of changing camps and shifting alliances and what is being said about the idea of proposing an Arab quartet NATO will be another normal reaction against Iran’s active tripartite alliance. Wrote Abdulrahman al-Rashed in Al-Arabiya net on February 21, 2017

The Height of Iran Regime's Political Blindness in Misreading the Realities

How did Iran read the rapid developments in the region?
Has Iran read the Gulf message which the Kuwaiti foreign minister carried well? What did Iran read into the American stance following Michael Flynn’s resignation? How did it read the Russian stance from the Astana conference? And most importantly how did it read the Israeli stance? Did it read it based on Benjamin Netanyahu’s desire to maintain some of the points of the nuclear agreement which delays the rise of a nuclear Iranian state? Or did it read it through Israel’s point of view of restraining Iran in terms of its support of Hamas and Hezbollah? Wrote, Sawsan Al Shaer, in Al-Arabiya on February 21.

Iran Regime Interference Must Stop Before Talks: UAE

If the Iranian regime wants dialogue with the Gulf Arab states, it must stop interfering in its neighbors’ internal affairs, the UAE has said.

“[The Iranian regime's Foreign Minister Javad] Zarif calls for a regional dialogue in the Arabian Gulf. For the dialogue to be serious and away from propaganda, Tehran must stop interfering in the internal affairs of its neighbors,” said UAE Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Anwar Gargash on Twitter.

Turkish Foreign Ministry Slams Iran Regime's Hollow Bluster

Turkish Foreign Ministry has denounced Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman’s remarks that Turkey should not test Iran’s patience.

"It is neither acceptable nor comprehensible for a country [Iran] -- which does not even hesitate to push to the battlefield the refugees seeking shelter from crises -- to accuse others of being responsible for regional tensions and instability," Foreign Ministry spokesman Huseyin Muftuoglu told reporters in Ankara on Monday.

Iran's (IRGC) Should Be Punished and the Europeans Need to Limit Their Rush to Trade With Iran

As the General Michael Flynn’s political star sets amidst continued controversy, the Trump administration is facing its first foreign policy tests less than a month after the inauguration.

Unsurprisingly, the two actors who are actively testing President Trump’s resolve come straight from George W. Bush’s “axis of evil”: Iran and North Korea, two of America’s most implacable adversaries. Ariel Cohen wrote in THE HILL on February 19, the following are excerpts of this article.

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