U.S. Experts Warn About Aircraft Sales to Iran

NCRI - Calling the deal with Iranian airlines very dangerous, sanctions experts warned about the sale of U.S. manufactured aircrafts to Iran, in a gathering at Heritage Foundation in Washington DC on April 21, 2017.

In this gathering, a panel of experts discussed the implications of these deals and how they could complicate U.S. efforts to contain Iran’s expanding influence in the Middle East.

Tillerson Notified Congress: Iran Remains a Leading State Sponsor of Terrorism

On April 19, 2017 and article written by Abigail Williams and Jacob Pramuc titled “Tillerson: Iran Left ‘Unchecked’ Could Follow North Korea’s Path” was published on ‘NBC News’ the following are excerpts of that article:

On Wednesday Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said: the U.S. will conduct a "comprehensive review" of its policy toward Iran, including the 2016 nuclear deal, which he said had merely delayed Iran's goal of becoming a nuclear state.

The Attorney General of Iran Regime: Ahmadinejad's Companions Are "Festering Sore"

NCRI - Following clashes between the opponents in the upcoming presidential election, A. Davari affiliated with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad called the remarks of the Attorney General, insulting and offensive.

The presidential candidate and the former Vice President for executive affairs, Hamid Baghaei also stated that the Attorney General is making such remarks, because he was not assigned to the Minister of Judiciary in Ahmadinejad's government.

Jordan: Iran Regime Officials Are Better Control Their Tongues and Shut Their Mouths

NCRI - “Iranian regime officials should learn how to control their tongues, shut their mouths, and respect”, said Muhammad Al-Momani, Minister of State for Media Affairs and Jordan Government Spokesman, Thursday April 13.

Al-Momani was responding to recent remarks made by Iranian regime’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman ‘Bahram Ghasemi’, in which he criticized Jordanian King Abdullah II’s interview with the Washington Post, saying “(King) Abdullah has made a strategic mistake in defining terrorism.”

Iran: Ahmadinejad's Remarks and Escalation of Factional Feud

NCRI - Amid continued clashes between the regime’s rival bands and on the eve of the presidential elections, the Iranian regime’s attorney general has implicitly responded to Ahmadinejad’s speech in Ahwaz, vowing that the time will come to deal with such remarks and that “we need to allow this boil to come to a head before dealing with it.”

U.S. Senate Conference Discusses Revolutionary Guard's Terrorist Interventions

NCRI - A conference was held in U.S. Senate on Thursday April 6, 2017, in which prominent U.S. figures as well as terrorism and foreign policy experts had participated to discuss the nature of the Iranian regime’s Revolutionary Guards and its functions.

Describing the Revolutionary Guard’s key role as regime’s main lever of repression at home and export of terrorism and fundamentalism abroad, the speakers at the conference emphasized on the necessity of naming the Revolutionary Guards as a terrorist group and imposing comprehensive sanctions on it.

Impact of Syria Attack on Iran's Presidential Election

NCRI - The U.S. attack on the Shayrat airfield in Syria immediately showed its impact on Iran’s presidential election. Various factions are attempting to take advantage of this development, turning it to their favor and against their rivals.

“Today, more than ever before, we must unite because it is not clear what visions the people in power now in the U.S. have for the region and the world. We must be very aware and plan very carefully, to be ready for a variety of probabilities. Good elections are the power of Iran and our nation…,” Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said in his remarks on Saturday.

The Necessary Signal to Iran Regime, Belligerence Is No Longer Tolerated

How Trump and Congress can coordinate against Iran

In recent years one of the most divisive foreign policy subjects in Washington has been none other than Iran. The deal sealed by the Obama administration with other world powers aimed at curbing Iran’s nuclear program and altering the regime’s gross behavior, saw its way through Congress without a single Republican voting in favor. President Donald Trump made it a hallmark of his campaign to adopt a tougher stance against Tehran. Recent developments have once again brought Iran at the top of the congressional agenda with the weighing of new initiatives.Heshmat Alavi wrote in ‘American Thinker’ on April 11, 2017.

Obama's Claims About Syrian Chemical Weapons Was Wrong, so Iran Nuclear Deal Thrown Into Question Too

NCRI - Last week, dozens of innocent civilians were killed in a chemical weapons attack in Syria. A large number of those who died were women and children.

What makes this attack all the more incomprehensible is that the Obama administration, just a few years earlier, has bragged about how it had managed to strip Syrian dictator Bashar as Assad of all his chemical weapons.

NCRI Revelation: Activities Continue at Organization Responsible for Work on Nuclear Weapons

IRAN -Sham Election: Infighting esclates

Iran news in brief

NCRIUS Revealing IRGC Terrorist Training Camps in Iran 14 Feb 2017


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