NCRI - Unemployed youth and deprived street vendors in Abadan, who have been denied their livelihoods by the suppressive forces, held a protest rally on Saturday April 15. They held handwritten signs on which it was written: "I have shamed my children." "What sin have done that we are unemployed?", "What is our sin Abadan youth?” "Someone who is full, doesn’t know the situation of a hungry!", "If you don’t give us work, at least don’t take our work.", "You have cut the food of our wives and children", "Why do you lie that you have given street vendors room?"

Suppressive organs of the regime, by attacking the street vendors and confiscating their meagre possessions, hinder their efforts to provide subsistence for themselves and their families. These suppressive measures in all cities of the country that continue constantly are always protested by street vendors. A number of these deprived people have expressed their anger toward this unpopular and repressive by self-immolating themselves.

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