Iran: Labour Crisis Sparks Numerous Protests

NCRI - The people of Iran are continuing to face great difficulties in their daily lives. Reports indicate that municipal bus workers from Zabul are still waiting for 6 months’ worth of unpaid salaries, as well as New Year bonuses.

The municipality has said that the reason for this is due to a lack of financial resources.

Iran: Victims of a Governmental Credit Institution Hold Protest Rally

NCRI - While the crisis surrounding Caspian Credit Institute and its investors is entering its fifth month, Iranian regime’s Central Bank officials have promised to resolve the issues in the next two months and also determine the status of the institute’s merged cooperatives by April 20.

Chanting slogans such as “people’s assets must be freed”, the protesters in front of Central Bank building in Tehran’s Mirdamad street called on the Central Bank as the entity responsible for monetary and banking system to make a final decision in order to resolve the crisis and months-long mismanagement in the institute.

Iran: Farmers and Ranchers Hold a Rally to Protest Against National Land Degradation

NCRI - A number of farmers and ranchers in Kuhdasht gathered in front of the headquarters of regime’s governor in Kuhdasht, forming a human chain to protest against national land degradation.

One of the farmers in the rally said in this regard “our lands have been seized by some at gunpoint, while the officials have conducted no investigations in this regard so far.”

“In addition to our lands, our livestock are not immune from their intimidation, either”, he added.

Iran: Steel Industry Retirees Protest in Front of Pension Fund in Tehran

NCRI - A group of Steel Industry retirees held a rally in front of the Steel Pension Fund in Tehran this morning, Tuesday, April 18th, 2017. They were protesting the discontinuation of their health insurance benefits.

Participants in this rally were chanting the slogan, “If there is one embezzlement less, our insurance problems will be resolved.” With this protest, they were also announcing their disgust against the officials of Hassan Rouhani’s administration.

Severe Security Atmosphere on the Eve of Iran Regime's 'Presidential Election'

NCRI - Former Intelligence Minister: another sedition is on the way

A senior official in Iranian regime’s law enforcement forces has announced that 20,000 special police units will be responsible for election security.

Meanwhile, regime’s former Minister of Intelligence ‘Haydar Moslehi’ has claimed that the ‘enemy’ is seeking to provoke ‘lower middle class’ and take them to the streets.

Iran: Pensioners Protest in Different Cities

NCRI - On Monday, April 17, hundreds of retired teachers rallied in front of the Planning and Budget Organization in baharestan Square, Tehran and demanded that their wage issue be addressed. The regime authorities despite the false promises of last year to improve the status of teachers have virtually taken no action.

Iran: Protests by Unemployed Youth, and Deprived Street Vendors

NCRI - Unemployed youth and deprived street vendors in Abadan, who have been denied their livelihoods by the suppressive forces, held a protest rally on Saturday April 15. They held handwritten signs on which it was written: "I have shamed my children." "What sin have done that we are unemployed?", "What is our sin Abadan youth?” "Someone who is full, doesn’t know the situation of a hungry!", "If you don’t give us work, at least don’t take our work.", "You have cut the food of our wives and children", "Why do you lie that you have given street vendors room?"

Iran: Telecommunications Workers Stage Protest Rally

NCRI - Over 200 retired workers of the Shiraz telecommunications company rallied on Monday outside this factory demanding their retirement pensions.

“We represent over 1,200 retired workers of this company who have retired gradually from 2006 onward. Despite all this, to this day we have yet to receive our retirement pensions,” the protesters said.

Unemployed Workers Rally in Northwest Iran

NCRI - A number of unemployed miners and those who used to work in the village of Anguran, northwest Iran, blocked a road linking a local mine to the village, according to reports received from inside Iran. This protest gathering, taking place on Wednesday morning, blocked trucks from reaching the mine.

Working in the mines have led to health problems, including incurable diseases and cancer, and massive explosions are leading to the destruction of homes and pastures, according to the protesters.

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