Iran: Victims of a Regime's Affiliated Credit Institution Hold a Protest Rally in Rasht

NCRI - Some of Caspian (regime’s affiliated) Credit Institution’s exploited investors gathered on Sunday May 21 in front of the institution’s office in Rasht to protest against their assets being stolen by the institution.

“It’s now about 20 months that Caspian investors have received no interests for their investment in the credit institution”, says one of the protestors, “Not only have they not been paid any interest, but their very own investment has also been reduced, so they’re the ones who are compensating for the institution’s debt and bankruptcy.”

Lawyer of Labor Activist on Hunger Strike Warns Iran Regime

NCRI - Warning the Iranian regime officials, lawyer of a labor activist, who in protest against his conditions has gone on a hunger strike from April 30, said that they will be responsible if anything happens to his client.

“I consider the head of judiciary, head of supreme court, Attorney General, Tehran Prosecutor, head of Prisons Organization, Intelligence Minister, and other security officials responsible for my client’s life”, said the lawyer.

Iran: Angry Coal Miners Attacked Rouhani's Car

NCRI - Angry coal miners and their families besieged and attacked Hassan Rouhani’s car on Sunday, May 7 after he visited the site of the deadly mine explosion.

The explosion at Zemestanyourt mine in Golestan Provinve (northern Iran) on Wednesday, happened after the coal mine filled with methane gas. Dozens of hardworking miners lost their lives following the
collapse of the coal mine due to the explosion. Iranian Labor Minister Ali Rabie admitted all miners trapped under the rubble had lost their lives, yet going only as far as announcing 35 deaths. Whereas prior to
his remarks other regime officials had declared 90 miners losing their lives.

Iranian Workers' Free Trade Union Statement on the Tragic Death of Tens of Miners

NCRI - Iranian Workers’ free trade union in a statement issued on May 4, commemorated the sorrowing death of Yurt miners and held the Iranian regime accountable for this crime. Free Trade Union in its statement writes: “explosion in Azadshahr’s Yurt mine in Golestan and burying dozens of suffering miners under the rubble, once again exposed the highest degree of harrowing crimes of Iranian regime and brought to public attention the lack of Iranian working class’ rights”.

Teachers' Day in Iran: Jailed Teacher on Hunger Strike; Another Punished for Singing in Classroom

NCRI - On the so-called Teachers’ day in Iran, former director-general of Teachers’ Trade Association ‘Esmaeil Abdi’ is on hunger strike in prison, and another teacher from Gilan has been sent into exile for his singing in art class.

May 2 in Iranian calendar is the Teachers’ Day and the beginning of a weeklong tribute to teachers. On the eve of the day, however, Esmaeil Abdi, former director-general of Teachers’ Trade Association, who is currently serving his six-year prison term, has said in a letter he has gone on a hunger strike.

A Look at Workers' Protests in Iran in Last Year

NCRI - Despite the regime's anti-labor measures, the workers were able in 2016 to have 2171 collective protests in different cities of Iran. The most important feature of rallies and protests by workers over the past year was the political slogans. The scope of the protests was so high that Guard Ashtari in reference to them told the state run ISNA news agency on February 26, 2017: "Now because of the closure of some factories and credit institutions, rallies are held that occasionally reach to 20-30 per day, and these rallies must be well managed. Because occurring of an accident in a city can have national and international repercussions. "

Workers and Engineers Issue a Statement to Mark International Workers' Day

NCRI - A group of South Pars Oil Company and Tehran Refinery workers and engineers commemorate the International Workers’ Day by issuing a statement.

“It’s been years that government organizations pretend to commemorate the International Workers’ Day”, reads the statement, “But is there anyone who is not aware of the fact that these rulers don’t care a single bit about workers?”

Iran: Municipality Workers Were Threatened

NCRI - The contracting company of the sixth district in Ahvaz, southwestern Iran, were reported to be forcing their workers to sign empty papers agreeing all their New Year bonuses and other payments were provided for. These workers were threatened of being fired if they refuse to sign the papers. Their calls with the relevant officials in supervising have gone completely neglected.

Iran: Protesters Set Fire on a Regime - Owned Company

NCRI - On Tuesday April 25, furious people of the city of Behshar – Northern Iran, whom their savings were plundered by a state - owned company called Caspian, set a branch of this company on fire.

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