Iran: Fire Festival Festivities Held Everywhere Throughout the Country

Slogan of “Death to Khamenei; death to the principle of velayat-e faqih”; Khamenei's picture set ablaze

On Tuesday, March 14, Iranian people held Fire Festival ceremonies in various cities in the face of the mullahs’ regime; thereby symbolizing their loath for this suppressive and anti-Iranian regime. The following are parts of reports received from Iran.

Iran State Media: "Fire Festivities" Becoming Major Dilemma

NCRI - Iranian state media and officials are voicing concerns over how the regime has failed to prevent the Iranian people from celebrating end of the Iranian calendar year Fire Festivities.

Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei has even issued a fatwa saying such celebrations are forbidden, yet to no avail. Last year he had said such celebrations have no place in sharia and people should refrain from taking part in these activities.

A Round up of February 2017 Protests

NCRI - According to publicly recorded news and statistics, in the month of February 2017, at least 402 protest took place in Iran.

The figures of protests in February are as follows:

201 cases of labour protests, 140 cases of protests for miscellaneous issues, 21 cases of protests by prisoners, 14 cases of prisoners on hunger strike, 13 cases of educational staff protests and 3 student protests.

Iran: Vendors Clash With Special Unit Agents

NCRI - On the eve of new Persian year, vendors selling clothing, bags, shoes, and home appliances in Hamedan (Central Iran) clashed with law enforcement Special Unit agents.

According to reports, the vendors first clashed with Hamedan’s municipal agents who were trying to collect their wares from the sidewalks on Hamedan’s Buali street. Faced with vendors’ resistance and protests, the law enforcement Special Unit agents subsequently arrived at the scene, trying to suppress these working people by firing shots in the air and tear gas.

IRAN: Sugar Cane Workers Protest Demanding Unpaid Insurance Benefits

NCRI - A group of workers at Haft Tapeh Sugar Cane Company located in southwest Iran went on strike demanding insurance benefits which has been long overdue.

A worker participating in the rally that was held in the company’s complex on Sunday told ILNA state-run news agency that the workers have lodged the protest since the unemployment insurance receivables have not been paid to the sugar cane cutters who had been working in the company in the period 1988 to 2013.

Protests in Tabriz Madani University Against the '80s Massacres

NCRI - A meeting was held at Tabriz Madani University on Saturday February 25, in which a student condemned the ‘80s executions and demanded that the perpetrators and those responsible be put to trial.

The student’s speech was given at the same time Sadegh Ziba Kalam, of Rafsanjani’s band, was also attending the university.

Iran's Main Automaker Company's Workers Beaten by Revolutionary Guards (IRGC)

NCRI - According to reports on February 21, Revolutionary Guards in ‘Iran Khodro Company’ beat up a fed-up worker who protested against not being paid and poor working conditions, so that he was taken to hospital by his colleagues with broken nose and teeth.

He later released a clip in this regard, saying: “My fellow Iranians! I’m fed-up. Not for being beaten up, but for the humiliation at the hands of the regime which me and thousands of other workers have to suffer.”

Iran: Large Gathering in Ahvaz Protesting Rouhani's Visit

NCRI - Thousands rallied in Ahvaz, southwest Iran, on Thursday protesting the presence of Iranian regime’s President Hassan Rouhani.

The protesters demanded a halt to all projects rerouting river waters in this province to other areas, dam construction, drying lagoons, measures to resolve continuous water and power outages resulting from dust storms, and immediate action to respond to the air contamination disaster.

Different Classes of Frustrated People Held Rally in Front of the Iranian Parliament

NCRI - Thousands of people held a rally in front of the Iranian Parliament on Tuesday and Wednesday.

On Wednesday, February 22nd hundreds of inspectors and experts from the Ministry of Industries and Mines staged a protest in front of the Parliament of Iran demanding permanent employment and the return to work.

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