Iran: A Political Prisoner's Letter to the UN Rapporteur, Warning About the Killings

NCRI - The political prisoner of Gohardasht (Rajai Shahr) prison of Karaj – Western Tehran, in a letter to the UN Rapporteur Asemeh Jahangir, warns about the human rights condition and in particular the killing of political prisoners in Iran.

Khaled Hardani at first asks: why the political prisoners should be suppressed and why the number of executions is growing in the wake of sham elections.

13,000 Hanged in Secret at Syrian Military Prison

Amnesty International has released a report into the “cold-blooded” killings of thousands of Syrian people.

It reveals that the Syrian Regime launched a policy of ‘extermination’ against civilians; killing up to 50 at a time, every week, sometimes twice a week.

The executions took place at Saydnaya military prison near Damascus between 2011 and 2015 but there is damning evidence that they continue in other prisons today.

Iran Regime's Inhumane Punishment of Death by Stoning Continues

NCRI - Criminal Court of the Western Lorestan province in Iran, condemned a man and a woman accused of so called ‘unethical relation’ to medieval capital punishment of death by stoning.

According to the verdict of the Criminal Court Branch 1, in Lorestan Province, the sentence of ‘death by stoning’ has been issued, for Mr. KH. A and Mrs. S-M.Th. The state run website called Kashkan reported on February 2, 2017.

Amnesty: Iran Regime Plans to Hang Man Arrested as a Teenager Amid Spike in Juvenile Executions

The Iranian regime must immediately stop the execution of a man arrested for a crime committed while he was 17 years old, Amnesty International has said, ahead of his scheduled execution on 11 February.

Hamid Ahmadi’s execution was initially scheduled for 4 February but his family were informed on Thursday that it has been postponed by a week, Amnesty said.

World Medical Association Urges Iran to Stop Denying Medical Care to Prisoners

(01.02.2017) The WMA, along with other organizations involved in medical ethics and human rights, has urged the Iranian authorities to stop using the denial of medical care as a form of punishment against political prisoners being held at Raja’i Shahr Prison.

UN Rights Experts Urge Iran to Halt the Imminent Execution of Juvenile Offender Hamid Ahmadi 

GENEVA (2 February 2017) – A group of United Nations human rights experts* has appealed to the Islamic Republic of Iran to immediately halt the execution of juvenile offender Hamid Ahmadi, who is scheduled to be executed by hanging on Saturday, 4 February. This is the third time that Mr. Ahmadi’s execution is scheduled to take place. In the two previous instances, they were halted at the last minute.

  Iran: 13 Young Boys and Girls Were Arrested for Attending a Party

NCRI - Director of Public Relations and Communications of judiciary in Northern Province of Gilan announced: “six women and seven men who attended a party were arrested in Anzali”

‘Rokna’ a state run news agency reported on January 27, that a lawsuit was has been filed for these people, and they have been handed over to the judiciary authorities ".

Iran: Inhumane Pressure on Prisoners and Their Families

NCRI - Following the escape of 6 prisoners from Zabol Prison Southeastern Iran, the Prosecutor of Zabol issued an order to arrest their families. The father, mother, and sister of one of the prisoners called Siahook were arrested, tortured and interrogated in order to reveal the whereabouts of their son who was accused of committing a crime at the age of 16.

Iran Regime Plans to Amputate Fingers of 70-Year-Old Man

NCRI - A 70-year-old prisoner in Ghezelhesar Prison in Karaj, west of Tehran, has been transferred to a jail in north-west Iran where he is to have his fingers amputated as punishment for theft.

The man, named Yousef Parvaneh, was transferred to a prison in Urmia in the north-western province of Western Azerbaijan, for the amputation sentence to be carried out.

1988 massacre in Iran


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