Collecting Votes, Under the Pretext of 'Charter of Citizens Rights,' by Iran Regime President

NCRI - The Iranian regime’s president, Hassan Rouhani, in his final months of presidency in a ridiculous act, under the pretext of Charter of Citizens Rights, tried to collect votes for the next presidential election against the rival faction.

He is trying in vain to take defensive guard for himself and his regime against the global Human Rights campaign and Justice Seeking Movement on 1988 massacre of 30,000 political prisoners in Iran and following disclosure of Mr. Montazeri’s audio file in this regard.

Global Solidarity with People of Aleppo and Syrian Revolution

 NCRI - Global solidarity with Aleppo and international demonstrations in support of the Syrian people and revolution continue with companionship and active participation of the supporters of the PMOI and Iranian Resistance.

The First President of Tehran University Condemns the Crimes of the Iranian Regime in Aleppo

NCRI - The first president of Tehran University after Iran's revolution, Dr. Mohammad Maleki in an interview strongly condemned the crimes of the Iranian and Russian regimes in Aleppo and said: “Russia and Quds forces perpetrate massacres of the innocent Syrians and they proudly utter that they have snatched victory. They celebrate and distribute sweets in the streets. Qasem Soleimani also goes to Aleppo to walk by the corpses and burned ruins of the city. On the other hand, he criticizes the international community for falling silent against such crimes in Aleppo. He states:"it is so disheartening that the world lacks morality, decency, and humanity. Every day we see the images of children who were killed in Aleppo whereas the forces claim that they are fighting against terrorists."

Joint Demonstration by the Syrian Opposition and the Iranian Resistance in Paris

NCRI - At the invitation of ‘Syrian Revolution coordination’ in Paris on Saturday, December 17 a rally was held in front of the Iranian regime's embassy.

In this demonstration hundreds of Syrian people and the members and supporters of the Iranian resistance participated in order to protest the crimes against humanity which has been committed against heroic people of Aleppo by Bashar Assad and Iran regime’s forces and mercenaries, as well as condemning the attempts of the Iranian Guard blocking the evacuation of civilians and militants from East Aleppo.

Lebanese-American Citizen on Hunger Strike in Evin Priosn

NCRI - In protest against his illegal arrest by Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, a Lebanese-American citizen has gone on a hunger strike, asking for his unconditional release.

Nazar Zaka’s lawyer has issued a statement from the United States, pointing out that his client has gone on a hunger strike from December 8 to protest against being arrested as a hostage and also to draw attention to his situation and that of all those illegally imprisoned in Iran.

14 Syrians Were Killed and 800 Others Were Held Hostage by IRGC and Militias of the Iranian Regime

NCRI - As Anatolia news agency reported, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and the militias of the Iranian regime took 800 hostages on 16th December 2016. These people were the citizens of Aleppo who were leaving the city by bus.

The 16 buses and other cars held hostage while leaving Aleppo. The militia supporters of the Syrian dictator killed 14 hostages by firing into their cars and blocking the passage of vehicles carrying civilians.

Iran: Torture and Harassment of a Prisoner

NCRI - Agents of prison in Karaj – Western Tehran have severely tortured a prisoner who is suffering from mental problem due to inhuman prison condition after he tried to commit suicide.

The prisoner, Majid Keshvari, is diagnosed even by the prison infirmary to have mental problem due to harsh prison condition and mistreatment by the prison official and has to take specific medicine. According to reports, he was transferred to solitary confinement for several days after severe torture and then returned to the general ward while there were obvious signs of torture and burns on his body.

Iran: Pressure on Inmates in Kermanshah's Dizel Abad by Severe Cold and Lack of Heating System

NCRI - The prison officials in Kermanshah’s Dizel Abad prison expose the inmates to severe cold and lack of heating system in order to put pressure on them. According to reports, the officials remove the prisoners out of their cells during the day hours and force them to go the prison yard in the cold weather while the prisoners don’t have any warm clothes. They have to stay outside in the severe cold of occasionally several degrees below zero from early morning until lunch and again after lunch until after dawn with no shelter or heating means particularly when it is snowing or raining.

Arab League Condemns the Brutal Killings in Aleppo

NCRI - The Council of Arab League in the final statement of its meeting in Cairo on Thursday December 15 strongly condemned the “brutal” military operation of Assad regime and its allies in Aleppo.

This emergency meeting was held at the level of permanent representatives in Cairo, the Egyptian capital, to review the situation in Syria, especially in Aleppo, during which military operations and killing of civilians in Aleppo by Assad regime and its supporters were condemned.

Message of Maryam Rajavi to a meeting at the U.S. House of Representatives-

Maryam Rajavi visits exhibition of Iranian women's struggle for freedom and equality –March2017

1988 massacre in Iran


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