Political Prisoner Letter on Charter of Citizens Rights Announced by Iran Regime's President Rouhani

NCRI - The political prisoner, Ali Mo’ezi, in a letter dated December 23 about Hassan Rouhani’s statements on the so-called “Charter of Citizens Rights”, wrote: “The President of executions, Rouhani, has announced the Citizens Rights on paper in the framework of Velyat-e Faqih (Supreme Leader’s) absolute dictatorship.”

Iran: Political Prisoner on Hunger Strike Urgently Transferred to Prison Infirmary

NCRI - Friday night, December 23, political prisoner Arash Sadeghi was urgently transferred to Evin prison infirmary due to his deteriorating health condition following severe drop in blood pressure, palpitations, shortness of breath and coughing up blood clots.

A close source to this political prisoner said: “Doctors are extremely concerned about Arash Sadeghi’s health and ordered his transfer and hospitalization. The doctors also said Sadeghi’s nausea and coughing up blood clots is either from the stomach or esophagus problem. However, for correct diagnosis it is necessary to perform endoscopy and the detainees should receive medical care.”

India's Center for Social Research Declares Support for Justice Seeking Campaign of 1988 Massacre in Iran

NCRI - India’s Center for Social Research (CSR) issued a statement supporting the Iranian people's campaign for seeking justice for the victims and families of 30,000 political prisoners who were massacred in the summer of 1988 in Iran.

In parts of the statement, Dr. Ranjana Kumari, director of CSR, described the 1988 massacre as the worst crime against humanity since World War II and urged the UN and other international organizations to launch an inquiry into the massacre and bring those responsible to justice.

Iran: Political Prisoners Write a Letter in Support of People in Syria and Aleppo

NCRI -  group of political prisoners in Karaj – Western Tehran have in a letter condemned the crimes committed by the Iranian regime and its mercenaries in Syria while expressing their solidarity with people in Aleppo.

Part of the letter is as follows:

Having spent years of our lives in prison, we prisoners are quite familiar with the nature of turning the truth upside down by regime’s media, but you could easily find out about the crimes committed in Aleppo even amidst the regime’s distorted and censored news.

Qatar and Saudi Arabia Praised the Resolution Against the War Criminals in Syria

NCRI - Qatar and Saudi Arabia praised the UN resolution on investigating war criminals in Syria adopted in the morning of Thursday December 22, according to Aljazeera.

Alya Al-Thani, Qatar’s representative to the UN, said that the adoption of the UN resolution to probe war criminals in Syria, is a clear message to all human rights violators that they will be brought to justice, no matter how much time has passed.

Iran: Political Prisoner Expresses Sympathy and Support for People of Syria

NCRI - Ebrahim Firouzi, Christian political prisoner incarcerated in Gohardasht prison in Karaj, in a letter to George Sabra, former President of Syrian National Coalition, while expressing sympathy, announced his support for the people of Syria.

Iran: A Prisoner Was Executed in Public, a Juvenile Prisoner on the Verge of Execution

NCRI - This morning, December22, a prisoner was hanged in public in the city of Ilam – Western Iran.

The public execution was carried out this morning, in the city center of Ilam in the presence of chief Justice, the public prosecutor, criminal justice and police chief, the state run Mehr news agency reported.

Iran's State-Run Media: Rouhani's Charter of Human Rights Is Demagoguery

NCRI - Following announcement of the so-called “Charter of Citizens Rights” by the Iranian regime’s president, Hassan Rouhani, he is now facing widespread attacks and criticism by the rival faction and even his own band.

In factional feuding in this regard, on December 20 state-run Javan Newspaper, affiliated to Rouhani’s rival faction, wrote: “The honorable President yesterday unveiled a Charter (of Human Rights) that is demagoguery and projective (escape forward) from head to toe. While millions of people live below poverty line due to mismanagement of economy and social damages are getting close to crisis, Mr. Rouhani has sent a text message yesterday about the Charter of Citizens Rights to all Iranian citizens!”

UK Parliament Condemned the Wave of Executions in Iran

NCRI - In a parliament session at the House of Lords with the presence of the government representative, parliamentarians condemned the growing number of executions as well as the blatant violation of human rights in Iran by the Mullahs' regime.

In this meeting, the representative of the UK government, in his speech stressed on the necessity of auditing the regime as well as extending sanctions on Iran since they violate the human rights.

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