60 Arrested in a Mixed-Gender Party in Northern Iran

NCRI - Arrests in the cities across Iran have extended to birthday parties and weddings and dozens have been arrested under such circumstances.

45 men and women were arrested in a party held in a sofa factory, Public prosecutor of Qom reported On May3.

Iran: Teen Prisoner Commits Suicide

NCRI - To protest the pressures of prison guards, a 15-year-old prisoner committed suicide in the Zabul prison, South Eastern Iran.

On Monday May 8th the young prisoner, called Ali Shahsavari who along with three others had been shackled, tortured and beaten by ‘Hassan Mir’ the head of prison and ‘Gholamreza Rezai’ the head of the prison’s security and information. Committed suicide in Correction and Rehabilitation ward of Zabul Central Prison. The fate of this prisoner is unknown.

Iran; 55 Men and Women Were Arrested at a Dinner Party

NCRI - On May 7, 2017 in the city of Kerman – South Eastern Iran, 55 men and women participating in an overnight mixed gender party were arrested. Public prosecutor of Kerman province announced.
According to the state run ‘Mizan news’ Dadkhoda Salari announced: In addition to detained citizens, 19 luxury cars and two motorcycles belonging to them were also seized and the party venue was sealed as well.

Amnesty International Stands in Solidarity With Trade Unionists in Iran

The following public statement by Amnesty International called for the release of imprisoned Iranian trade unionist and upholding workers’ rights.

Public statement:

Several trade unionists in Iran languish in prison while many others face prison sentences of up to a decade solely for their peaceful trade union activities, Amnesty International said on the eve of International Worker’s Day on 1 May.

Iran: 2 Arrested for Social Media Use

NCRI - Two Iranian Kurds were arrested on April 2nd for managing a Telegram social media channel about workers and child labor.

Haywa Kiaie and Mehdi Salahi phoned their families on April 4th to inform them of their arrest. However, they did not mention the charges raised against them and where they were being held.

Iran: Teacher Sentenced to 1 Year in Exile for Playing Music in Class

NCRI - Spokesman of the Gilan Teachers Guild has been sentenced to a year in exile for playing music in class. Aziz Ghasemzadeh, 38, is an active teacher in this guild.

He is a singer and caretaker for an Iranian music group named Sepehr that has conducted a number of concerts in Gilan Province, northern Iran.

Iran: Political Prisoner in Dire Conditions

NCRI - Lack of access to medical care and prison officials’ refusal to transfer Mohammad Reza Seifzadeh to a medical center has left him facing dire physical conditions, reports indicate.

Seifzadeh, 50, was arrested in 2012 on charges of measures against national security and contacts with the Iranian opposition People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK). He was transferred to ward 209 of Tehran’s Evin Prison and thus sentenced to 10 years behind bars in exile in Barazjan Prison. He was also placed jailed as a political prisoner during the 1980s and spent four years behind bars. He has a 14-year-old child.

Daughter of Political Prisoner Writes a Letter to Asma Jahangir

NCRI - Mohammad-Ali Mansouri, political prisoner of the 90’s and member of PMOI, has been transferred on April 23 to an unknown location by Gohardasht prison gurads, with no news of him ever since.
Meanwhile, Masoumeh Mansouri, Mohamma-Ali’s daughter, has written a letter to the UN Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights on Iran, calling for urgent action to determine status of her father and his whereabouts.

Iran: 70 Men and Women Arrested at Private Parties

NCRI - Up to 70 men and women have been arrested at two private parties held in Iran, state-run media have reported.

A group of 45 were arrested during a raid on a private party held in a workshop on the outskirts of city of Qom on Monday, 1 May 2017, reported Mizan News Agency affiliated with the Iranian regime’s judiciary, quoting Mehdi Kahe, attorney general of Revolutionary Court in Qom province.


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