Iran: Political Prisoners Support Saeed Shirzad on Hunger Strike

NCRI - A group of political prisoners in Gohardasht prison near Tehran in a letter supported the legitimate demands of political prisoner Saeed Shirzad on his 29th day of hunger strike after swing his lips.

The letter reads in part: “28 days passed since our friend and cellmate Saeed Shirzad started hunger strike. His demands are all guild and totally legitimate and legal. We the signatories of the letter… express our deep concern about the consequences and effects of long term hunger strike on his health condition and demand his situation be addressed immediately to meet his demands.”

Iran: Reporter Receives 40 Lashes for Writing on Traffic

NCRI - A young Iranian reporter received 40 lashes on Thursday for “publication of false news on police stopping motorbike riders” in a city in central Iran.

According to a local news source in the city, the young man received the lashes after a complaint filed by the State Security Forces (police) in city of Najafabad.

An Appeal for the Life of Political Prisoner Ali Moezzi

Rome, January 6, 2017 – The Italian Committee of Parliamentarians and Citizens for a Free Iran learned with concern that on Wednesday, January 4, the renowned political prisoner Ali Moezzi – who is a supporter of the People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) – was suddenly transferred from the Gohardasht Prison, in the northern outskirts of Karaj, to an unknown location, where we believe he faces imminent threat as there is no information of his whereabouts from that moment.

Press Release: Call for Urgent Action, Life of Iranian Political Prisoner Ali Moezzi Is in Serious Danger

The British Parliamentary Committee for Iran Freedom (BPCIF) warns of a serious threat to the life of political prisoner Ali Moezzi following reports that the Iranian Regime’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security has taken him to an unknown location outside the prison.

According to the reports, Mr Moezzi has not returned to his prison ward after his last visit with family members on 4 January 2017. Prison guards have told other political prisoners in his ward that he has been transferred from the prison but that they are unaware of his whereabouts.

Iran: Political Prisoner Ali Moezzi Is Missing

Press release- Brussels- Friends of a Free Iran in European Parliament - 6 January 2017

Iranian dissidents are expressing deep concerns about the fate of Mr Ali Moezzi, 65, a prominent political prisoner who disappeared in prison this week after authorities suspiciously transferred him to an unknown location.

He is a supporter of the main opposition, People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI) and has been serving a sentence in Gohardasht Prison in the city of Karaj, west of the capital Tehran. On Wednesday 4 January he was transferred from the prison to an unknown location and there is no information of his whereabouts ever since.

Iran Regime Was Forced to Release Arash Sadeghi's Wife After 72-Days of Hunger Strike and Massive Public Support

NCRI - After 72 days of hunger strike by Arash Sadeghi and additional strikes by other political prisoners and the wave of domestic and international supports, Iran regime was forced to release his wife Golrokh Ebrahimi on bail of 500 million toman (125000 dollars). Arash Sadeghi had a short meeting with his wife before her releae.

Arash Sadeghi said to his wife after achieving his goal, now he will put an end to his hunger strike. He was seventy two days in strike and despite serious health conditions and being on the verge of death he was not willing to break the strike.

Iran: Sholeh Pakravan Stages Hunger Strike in Support of Political Prisoner Arash Sadeghi

NCRI - Sholeh Pakravan, mother of Reyhaneh Jabbari a young Iranian interior decorator who was hanged on 25 October 2014 for the simple reason of having defended her dignity at the age of only 19 when an agent of the regime had tried to sexually assault her, in a written statement while supporting Arash Sadeghi announced that she will also continue her hunger strike until the end of this political prisoner’s hunger strike.

Iran: Hundreds of People Gathered in Front of Evin Prison in Support of Political Prisoner Arash Sadeghi

NCRI - This morning Monday January 2nd 2017, hundreds of people gathered in front of Evin prison demanding the release of political prisoners Arash Sadeghi and his wife Golrokh Ebrahimi.

A group of mothers of political prisoners and human rights defenders can be seen among the demonstrators.

Holding the photographs of Arash and Golrokh demonstrators call for immediate release of them and other political prisoners.

Iran: Arash Sadeghi Is In "Critical and Worrying" Condition on 70th Day of Hunger Strike

NCRI - Sunday, January 1, Arash Sadeghi’s health condition is dangerous, today he had unconsciousness and severe seizures which according to his cellmates is unprecedented.

Today is the seventieth day of hunger strike. He had a meeting with his father in which he vomitted blood and  got unconscious again.

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