Iran: Hundreds of People Gathered in Front of Evin Prison in Support of Political Prisoner Arash Sadeghi

NCRI - This morning Monday January 2nd 2017, hundreds of people gathered in front of Evin prison demanding the release of political prisoners Arash Sadeghi and his wife Golrokh Ebrahimi.

A group of mothers of political prisoners and human rights defenders can be seen among the demonstrators.

Holding the photographs of Arash and Golrokh demonstrators call for immediate release of them and other political prisoners.

Iran: Arash Sadeghi Is In "Critical and Worrying" Condition on 70th Day of Hunger Strike

NCRI - Sunday, January 1, Arash Sadeghi’s health condition is dangerous, today he had unconsciousness and severe seizures which according to his cellmates is unprecedented.

Today is the seventieth day of hunger strike. He had a meeting with his father in which he vomitted blood and  got unconscious again.

Pressure on a Balouchi Political Prisoner

According to the reports, the agents of Ardabil prison punished the Balochi political prisoner, Saber Malek Raeesi by keeping him outdoors and in the sub-zero temperature of Ardabil. The agents are punishing him harshly while the political prisoner is on hunger strike.

Iran: Arash Sadeghi's Father Stages Hunger Strike to Support His Son

NCRI - Hossein Sadeghi, father of political prisoner Arash Sadeghi, staged hunger strike to support his son. Mr. Sadeghi said: “My son Arash in his 67th day of hunger strike is experiencing moment to moment struggle with death. On Monday, December 26, Arash was urgently transferred to Taleghani hospital in Tehran due to his deteriorating health condition and underwent medical examination. The hospital’s doctors said my son was in extremely dire health condition and in a written report warned about my son’s «dangerous heart condition and risk of cardiac arrest, and danger of coma and even death».”

Trump Administration Should Hold Iran Accountable for Executions

Highlighting the ongoing violations of Human Rights in Iran, Dr. Ali Safavi a member of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the National Council of Resistance of Iran and president of the Near East Policy Research wrote an article in ‘The Hill’ on December 30, the following is the full text:

Nearly a year after the implementation of the nuclear deal with Iran, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), and the ensuing fanfare regarding the possibility of an age of reform within a feeble theocracy, Tehran’s behavior has taken a turn for the worse. The most tangible evidence of this can be seen in its treatment of the Iranian people.

Iran: Arash Sadeghi's Health Deterioration in the Sixty-Eighth Day of Hunger Strike

NCRI - International Demand for the release of political prisoner "Arash Sadeghi" made the first topic in twitter worldwide trending today.

Political prisoner, Arash Sadeghi is in the sixty-eighth day of his hunger strike his physical condition has been reported as "very grave”.

Online Conference Highlights Untold Stories of Aleppo

NCRI - Individuals from Aleppo, Syria, held an online Q&A using social media to highlight the situation in Aleppo. The sponsor for this event was The panelists included Dr. Zaher Sahoul, a Syrian American physician, past president of SAMS and founder of American Relief Coalition for Syria; Abdulkari Alhamdo, an English teacher and activist; and Bana Alabed and Fatemah, a 7-year-old girl who tweeted about the harrowing situation in Aleppo and her mother.

Iran: Critical Health Condition of a Political Prisoner on Hunger Strike

NCRI - The latest news about Arash Sadeghi on the 66th day of hunger strike; the danger of stroke and coma

The political prisoner of ward 8, Arash Sadeghi was transferred to the infirmary last night due to hypotension (60 over 80), heart palpitations, asthma and coughing up blood. They connected the oxygen mask and its source to him and returned him to the ward.

Iran: Political Prisoners' Message Supporting Saeed Shirzad on Hunger Strike

NCRI - A group of political prisoners in Hall 12 of Gohardasht Prison in Karaj have sent a message to support the political prisoner Saeed Shirzad who has been on hunger strike after sewing his lips since December 7 to protest mistreatment and violation of prisoners’ rights by the authorities and to demand his rights. The following is their message:

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