Submission of a Resolution to U.S. Congress, Condemning the 1988 Massacre of Political Prisoners in Iran

On March 9, 2017, Mr. McCaul submitted a resolution to the U.S. House of Representatives (for himself, Mr. Royce of California, Mr. Engel, Mrs. Comstock, Mr. McClintock, Mr. Sessions, Mr. Keating, Mr. Sherman, Mr. Young of Alaska, and Ms. Judy Chu of California) submitted the following resolution; which was referred to the Committee on Foreign Affairs.


Condemning the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran for the 1988 massacre of political prisoners and calling for justice for the victims.

Iran: 120 arrested at east Tehran night party

NCRI - Reports indicate the Revolutionary Guards and state police in Iran arrested 120 people at a night party in east Tehran.

“A number of young men and women were arrested in an operation carried out in cooperation with the public prosecutor’s office,” said Heydar Fattahi, the public prosecutor of Pardis on Wednesday.

“These are considered cultural crimes. Young men and women who don’t have any relations with others of the opposite sex, being in specific areas until late into the night, and disturbing the localS’ peace,” he added.

U.N. Rapporteur: We Are Concerned of Freedom of Speech in Iran

NCRI - Asma Jahangir, the United Nations Special Rapporteur in Human Rights in Iran criticized Tehran for the lack of freedom of speech.

“My concerns are that when people are arrested and threatened, they don’t talk and when they don’t enjoy freedom of speech, this is the result. Then we see they get jail the young and bloggers,” she said in an interview with VOA.

Iran: Complaint of a Number of Prisoners to the High Commissioner for Human Rights

NCRI - A group of prisoners in Gohardasht in a letter to the High Commissioner of Human Rights of the United Nations called for immediate action to prevent heavy noise diffusion on prisoners in this prison.

A statement issued by the prisoners says that increased noise has caused chronic headaches, nausea and unusual dizziness for them and in this regard prison officials told them that it was your fault because you leak news of prison to outside. The text of the statement is as follows:

Iran: Brutal Attack of Special Prison Guards on Section 4 of Evin Prison

NCRI - Political prisoners of Evin prison in a statement condemned the attack of special prison guards on prisoners and called for help for these prisoners while explaining the situation of prisoners and pressures exerted on them.

Part of the statement of political prisoners in Evin Prison is as follows:

Iran: Police Fire at Five Students Having Fun in Baluchistan

NCRI - Police agents of the Iranian regime in Baluchistan fired at Sunni Baluch citizens resulting in two students of Khash being shot. Three other people were injured by punches and kicks.

On Thursday evening of 2nd March, five students from Khash who were driving in their car to Iranshahr “for fun”, were shot at and wounded by police.

U.N. Special Rapporteur Concerned About the Continued Practice of Public Execution in Iran

NCRI - Ms. Asma Jahangir was appointed as Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran by The Human Rights Council of the U.N., during its 33rd Session. After completion of her study, she said she regrets that her study does not reveal any notable improvement in the situation of human rights in the country.

She says that the situation in areas like independence of judiciary and lawyers, freedom of expression, and use of arbitrary detentions continue to be of serious concern.

A Call to Strip Immunities of the Perpetrators of the 1988 Massacre in Iran

NCRI - The Senior Member of the House of Commons and the Joint Chair of the British Parliamentary Committee for Iran Freedom, Sir David Amess on Thursday March 3rd issued an statement by undertaking a meta-partisan initiative in line with the international movement with 80 Members of parliament for justice for litigating those who are responsible for the massacre of 30 thousand political prisoners occurred in Iran in 1988.

Recent Suicides and Ongoing Iranian Human Rights Abuses

In January, a young woman in Iran committed suicide. Now, sadly, suicides have become increasingly common among Iranian women due to a variety of social ills, including state-mandated misogyny. But, in Mahdis's case, it happened one day after she was released from prison. She was sexually abused by Iranian suppressive forces. Wrote Soona Samsami in ‘THE HILL’ on March 5, 2017. The following is the full text of this article.


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