Wave of arrests in an oil-rich province in Iran

NCRI - According to the spokesman of the State Security Forces in the oil-rich Khuzestan Province, south-west Iran, from August 23 to September 23, 1,442 people were arrested "in the context of the struggle against drugs and handed over to the judiciary".

The local newspaper Asr Karoun which carried the news on October 12 also reported that Colonel Matin-Rad, commander of the State Security Forces of the town of Abadan, a major city in the oil-rich province, had stated that with the implementation of a security plan his forces had been able to neutralize a network of satellite dish smugglers. They discovered 100 receivers, 200 satellite dishes, 120 LNBs and 167 relays. He added that they had also confiscated 250 antennas during police searches in homes.

One in five Iranian youths out of work

One in five Iranian youths out of workAgence France Presse - Iran on Wednesday announced that 20.9 percent of young people aged between 15 to 24 are unemployed, state-run television reported.

The figure, based on a survey conducted from June 21 to September 21, was down 0.8 percent compared to same period last year, the head of the Iranian statistics organization, Mohammad Madad, was quoted as saying.

Iran bans fast internet to cut west's influence

Iran bans fast internet to cut west's influence · Service providers told to restrict online speeds
· Opponents say move will hamper country's progress

Robert Tait in Tehran

The Guardian  - Iran's Islamic government has opened a new front in its drive to stifle domestic political dissent and combat the influence of western culture - by banning high-speed internet links.

In a blow to the country's estimated 5 million internet users, service providers have been told to restrict online speeds to 128 kilobytes a second and been forbidden from offering fast broadband packages. The move by Iran's telecommunications regulator will make it more difficult to download foreign music, films and television programmes, which the authorities blame for undermining Islamic culture among the younger generation. It will also impede efforts by political opposition groups to organise by uploading information on to the net.

Iran says no early release for jailed Western pair

Agence France Presse - Iran confirmed Tuesday it has dismissed an appeal for early release by a Frenchman and German jailed for 18 months for illegally entering Iranian waters, saying their original sentence was already lenient.

However judiciary spokesman Jamal Karimi Rad said Frenchman Stephane Lherbier and German Donald Klein were entitled make a further request for parole even though their latest appeal had been thrown out by the court in the southern Hormozgan Province.

"First of all, the reason for the refusal of their appeal was that they received specially reduced sentences" when the verdicts were given at a court in the town of Bandar Abbas in January, Karimi Rad told AFP.

Iran: More than 300 arrests during a demonstration in Tehran

Iran: More than 300 arrests during a demonstration in TehranNCRI - The chief commander of the State Security Forces, Ahmadi Moghadam, said at the inauguration of a police station on October 8 that 300 people were arrested the day before during the clashes provoked by the arrest of Ayatollah Kazemeini Boroujerdi. "The special court of the clergy delivered an arrest warrant against Kazemeini Boroudjerdi. His supporters gathered and provoked clashes. The chief of Tehran police went there to prevent them to turn into a social issue and put an end to them."

50,000 people imprisoned every month in Iran - Iranian regime official

NCRI - In a marathon interview published on October 6 by the official news agency ISNA, the head of the prison system of the mullahs' regime gave alarming information on the state of Iranian prisons and of the ruling repression in Iran.

In his interview, Ali Akbar Yessaghi who praised one of the most brutal systems in the world, exposed a prison overpopulation which has gone beyond the critical threshold for a long time and which consitutes an unmanageable crisis: "In the present prison conditions and considering the number of prisoners, I criticize the delivering of a multitude of prison sentences. Their number must be reduced," he acknowledged.

Iran: Formation of yet another new suppressive force

NCRI - Morteza Tala'i, commander of the Security Forces of the Greater Tehran, said that the District Police was composed of 7,000 men thus far, yet before the end of the year, its numbers would reach 10,000 to reinforce security in towns.

The official news agency Mehr, which reported his remarks on October 6, also announced that each district was to have its own police station.

Iran: Police arrest martyred Christian Priest's daughter

ImageCompass Direct News - Iranian secret police arrested a Christian couple in the northeastern city of Mashhad three days ago, forcing them to leave behind their 6-year-old daughter and holding them incommunicado ever since.
Plainclothes policemen who declined to identify themselves demanded entrance into the apartment home of Reza Montazami, 35, and his wife Fereshteh Dibaj, 28, at 7 a.m. on Tuesday (September 26).

Iran: Two brothers hanged before bewildered eyes of public

The two brothers were identified by their first names, Reza and Saied Z. and they were charged with “being at war with god.” Last year, following the execution of their other brother they were reportedly caught in a clash with the security forces in an apparent revenge attack on the local municipality. NCRI - Two brothers were hanged in public in Khoramabad, provincial capital of Lorestan, western Iran, on Friday. Their sentences were carried out amid tight security in one the main streets of Khoramabad.

The two brothers were identified by their first names, Reza and Saied Z. and they were charged with "being at war with god." Last year, following the execution of their other brother they were reportedly caught in a clash with the security forces in an apparent revenge attack on the local municipality.


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