NCRI - In a letter to the U.N. Secretary General, Antonio Gueteres, political prisoners in Gohardasht prison revealed the nature of the Iranian regime’s plots against Asma Jahangir.

Find this letter below:

Honorable Antonio Guteres,

Secretary General of the United Nations,

With all our respect we would like you to pay attention to the recent insults and accusations in Iran against Mrs. Asma Jahangir.

We, ourselves, are facing these sort of accusations through several years and we are constantly witnessing that the Iranian citizens are facing execution, prison or exile after any minor opposition to this regime and they have no right to defense.

Therefore these accusations against special rapporteur on Iran is nothing unusual.

But this time the Iranian regime is not targeting a defenseless Iranian citizen. It wants to undermine with its accusations the special rapporteur of the U.N. that has the credit of the international community, Human rights council and the United Nations and is the only shelter of Iranian victims in face of injustice.

Therefore, we, the political prisoners assure you that these accusations against her is to force her towards silence, appeasement or at least ignoring mass human rights violations by the regime ruling Iran and we urge you to take serious and effective action against this immoral and inhuman approach against U.N. Special rapporteur (Mrs. Asma Jahangir).

Defending her independence and her respect for justice and righteousness vis-a-vis this brutal regime that does not respect any right of its citizens is in fact defending all political prisoners and victims of human rights violations in Iran.

With this example you can clearly imagine what this regime is able to do without any fear against its own citizens.

Particularly when the international community has chosen silence and appeasement vis-a-vis this regime.

At the end we again expect you to take a serious and effective action.

With all our respect

A group of political prisoners in Gohardasht prison – Karaj
27 April 2017


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