NCRI - The political prisoner, Arash Sadeghi, was transferred to Evin prison infirmary 3 times in just 24 hours due to his deteriorating health condition. On Tuesday, January 10, Arash Sadeghi was taken to the prison clinic due to “lung inflammation and persistent cough,” but received no treatment other than an oxygen mask before returning to the ward.

At 01:30 a.m. on January 11, he was taken to the prison clinic once again due to “severe breath shortness,” without receiving proper treatment. Later in the morning of the same day, January 11, he was transferred to the prison infirmary for the third times in 24 hours due to “severe stomach pain, dangerously low blood pressure of 8 over 6, and vomiting blood,” and returned to the ward later again without proper treatment.

Considering deteriorating health condition of Arash Sadeghi due to the prolonged hunger strike, he should be hospitalized for some time but the prison clinic doctors told him that the prosecutor and prison officials oppose his transfer to a hospital outside the prison.

Arash Sadeghi’s father told a news agency: “Arash is in very critical health condition and IRGC enforcement officials refuse to transfer him to hospital. I remember one of the IRGC interrogators who said (told Arash) you will not go out of this prison alive.”


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