NCRI - A group of political prisoners in Gohardasht Prison in a complaint letter to the U.N. Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in Iran, Ms. Asma Jahangir, urged her to address and investigate the situation of the political prisoner Ali Moezzi who was abducted on January 4 by prison officials and transferred to an unknown location.

The following is the text of the political prisoners’ letter:

Ms. Asma Jahangir, the U.N. Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in Iran,

We have repeatedly reported about lack of safety for prisoners, particularly political prisoners, and mentioned how the prisoners under various pretexts including dispatch to courts, transfer to medical center or hospital, getting letter, summon by the Prison Warden, etc… are abducted and transferred to unknown locations such that no one accepts the responsibility for their disappearance for a long time…

Today, January 4, 2017, they abducted Mr. Ali Moezzi in the family meeting hall and transferred him to an unknown location… and no one is accountable. These abductions are conducted inside the high-security Gohardasht prison to intimidate other prisoners and in the case of Mr.
Moezzi to intimidate his family and as a reprisal against him because Mr. Moezzi and his children consistently followed up and participated in the movement seeking justice for the victims of 1988 massacre and current high number of executions in Iran. Recently, he has also strongly protested the lack of attention to the condition and legitimate demands of the political prisoners on hunger strike including Messrs. Arash Sadeghi, Saeed Shirzad, Morteza Morad-Pur and others… and this has caused the anger and hatred of the Iranian regime’s Judiciary.

We urge you as the only authority and reference for seeking justice to follow up and address the situation of Mr. Ali Moezzi especially because he is severely ill and suffering from bladder cancer and other illnesses.

Political Prisoners in Rajaei-Shahr (Gohardasht) Prison



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