Iran: Eight Political & Civil Activists Condemned to Prison & Exile

NCRI - The so-called Dezful Revolutionary Court in Khuzestan Province (southwest Iran) sentenced two women rights activists and six civil/political activists were sentenced to spend time in jail and exile on charges of propaganda against the Iranian regime establishment.

Iran Teachers Organization: "Ismaeel Abdi's Life in Danger"

NCRI - The Iran Teachers Organization issued a statement on May 24th warning about the ongoing hunger strike by Ismaeel Abdi, former secretary general of Iran’s Teachers Guild. This has not only raised concerns amongst his family members and teachers across Iran, but also a large portion of the Iranian population.

Iran: The Dire Situation of Three Political Prisoners

NCRI - Ms. Atena Daemi, who is on hunger strike since April 9, is suffering in the women's ward of Evin prison from kidney severe pain and bleeding, dizziness, nausea, severe blood pressure fluctuations, decreased vision in the right eye and weight loss, and she is not even able to drink water. Ms. Daemi is on hunger strike to protest prison sentence for her sisters.

Amnesty International: Iran Political Prisoner Threatened With Extended Jail Sentence for 1988 Massacre Complaint

Amnesty International on Monday published an updated Urgent Action notice about an Iranian political prisoner who is being threatened with an extended prison sentence for demanding justice over the unlawful execution of her siblings in the 1988 massacre of political prisoners in Iran.

Report From Inside Iran: Prisoner of Conscience on Hunger Strike

NCRI - An Iranian Sunni prisoner in Rajai Shahr Prison of Karaj, west of Tehran, has been on hunger strike for more than 14 days due to the authorities’ refusal to provide him medical care.

Seyyed Qassem Abesteh has lost 7 kilograms in weight since going on hunger strike on May 7. Reports indicate a tumor has been found near this prisoners’ tonsils, making even breathing difficult for him.

Iran: 45-Year Old Prisoner Killed by Prison's Head of Intelligence

NCRI - A prisoner in Zabol Prison (Southeastern Iran) was attacked and killed by prison’s head of intelligence at midnight Tuesday May 16.

According to reports, Zabol Prison’s head of intelligence ‘Gholamreza Rezaei’, while pretending to inspect ward 4, went right to a 45-year old prisoner named ‘Ramezan Koohkan’, throwing him down from the top of a triple bunk bed.

U.S. Commission on Religious Freedom Condemns Iran Regime's Minority Rights Violations

NCRI - US Commission on Religious Freedom has in its 2017 report addressed the religious freedom violations across the world, including Iran.

The commission says in its latest report released on Wednesday May 14 “there’s been a continuous violation of religious freedom in Iran over the past year, with unlawful long detention, torture, imprisonment, and execution based on religious accusations being commonplace.”

60 Arrested in a Mixed-Gender Party in Northern Iran

NCRI - Arrests in the cities across Iran have extended to birthday parties and weddings and dozens have been arrested under such circumstances.

45 men and women were arrested in a party held in a sofa factory, Public prosecutor of Qom reported On May3.

Iran: Teen Prisoner Commits Suicide

NCRI - To protest the pressures of prison guards, a 15-year-old prisoner committed suicide in the Zabul prison, South Eastern Iran.

On Monday May 8th the young prisoner, called Ali Shahsavari who along with three others had been shackled, tortured and beaten by ‘Hassan Mir’ the head of prison and ‘Gholamreza Rezai’ the head of the prison’s security and information. Committed suicide in Correction and Rehabilitation ward of Zabul Central Prison. The fate of this prisoner is unknown.

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