Le Monde: International Banks More Cautious Over Violation of Iranian Regime's Sanctions

NCRI - According to the French Le Monde newspaper, big international banks are still reluctant to fund commercial and industrial contracts with the Iranian regime, worrying about US-raised legal and judicial risks associated with negotiating and trading with the Iranian regime.

“Big international banks have grown more cautious following the heavy fines imposed in 2014 by Washington on the French BNP Paribas as well as the Deutsche Bank for their violation of sanctions.”, adds the newspaper.

Iran: Industry Sector Faces Negative Growth of %47 and Unemployment of 6500

NCRI - On January 18, 2017, the state-run Tasnim news agency, affiliated to terrorist Quds force, revealed deplorable state of the Iron and Steel Industry in Iran reporting that 6500 employees of this industry were laid off or fired in the past year.

Iranian Regime's Parliament Doubled the Budget for Regime's Public Broadcasting

NCRI - With 130 votes in favor, Iranian regime’s parliament doubled the budget for regime’s public broadcasting on Sunday January 15.

The money dedicated by the government to regime’s public broadcasting is 3.5 percent of the national budget which, considering the current rise, will reach nearly 3000 billion tomans (1 billion dollars) from a previous amount of 1500 billion (500 million dollars).

Iran: Rouhani Government's Debts to Banks Skyrocket

NCRI - Iran’s central bank in a report announced the debt of Rouhani’s government to the central bank has reached 178,680 billion Tomans (55 billion dollars) by November 20, 2016. According to the report, the government’s debt has faced %45.4 increase in the past seven months.

Iran: The Plunders of the Intelligence Corps' Officials of the Revolutionary Guards

In a conflict over plunders, three deputies of the Intelligence Corps of the Revolutionary Guards have been detained.

On Friday 13th of January 2017, state run Amadnews reported that the deputies of the Intelligence Corps of the Revolutionary Guards were detained due to economic corruption. According to this source, a security official has told to Amadnews that these deputies were detained due to huge economic corruption, broking and extorting money from the rich and capitalists as well as money laundering.

Babak Zanjani's Astronomical Theft With Complicity of the Iran Regime's Leaders

NCRI - On the eve of the clerical regime's sham elections, government factions in Iran have intensified the scope and depth of their power struggle to grasp presidency, disregarding social tragedies as grave sleepers, poverty, addiction and unemployment that have frustrated and fed up the populace. There is not a single day when the regime officials do not expose the other faction's stories of plundering, corruption and betrayals. In the meantime, the unraveling of the story of Babak Zanjani's getting away with $3 billion which implicated virtually all the regime's top officials in this unprecedented embezzlement has turned into a quagmire that is devouring this crumbling regime.

Iran's Foreign Ministry: It's Not Worthy of Us to Pursue Babak Zanjani's Case

NCRI - Following the tension between Iranian regime’s judiciary and Rouhani’s government regarding the case of Babak Zanjani, now in jail on financial corruption charges, Iranian regime’s Foreign Ministry has issued a statement on Thursday January 5, stating that “ basically, dealing with such an issue (Babak Zanjani’s case) is beyond the conventional duties of any foreign ministry.”

Regime’s Foreign Ministry has announced that the reason for not pursuing the case is that none of the measures taken by Babak Zanjani and his accomplices have been through legal and official routes, but rather all of them have been carried out in fraudulent, unofficial, underground and secret ways.

Iran: The Conflict Between Government's Branches; Plunders & Loots

NCRI - Hassan Rouhani's government has conflicted with the Judiciary of Iran on a case of robbery to an amount of 3 billion dollars. The conflict has arisen at the peak of public hatred regarding social disasters. The plunders and loots done by the Iranian regime are disclosed more than ever.

The first Deputy of the Judiciary accused the government of cheating. He requested that the financial resources of Rouhani's campaign in the last presidential election have to be announced.

The Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) Domination Over Iran's Economy

NCRI - Iran regime’s Minister of Defense, Hossein Dehghan announced that the main government plans in petroleum, gas, oil, transport, dams, water transfer, telecommunication and IT are currently assigned to Khatam-al Anbiya Headquarter affiliated with IRGC.

The state-run ISNA news agency reported that Hossein Dehghan visited the exhibition entitled "IRGC's power in construction" on Thursday 29th December 2016. The Minister of defense stipulated that 50 best-laid plans in the national economy will be assigned to Khatam-al Anbiya Headquarter by the end of this year.

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