Amnesty International: Iran Political Prisoner Threatened With Extended Jail Sentence for 1988 Massacre Complaint

Amnesty International on Monday published an updated Urgent Action notice about an Iranian political prisoner who is being threatened with an extended prison sentence for demanding justice over the unlawful execution of her siblings in the 1988 massacre of political prisoners in Iran.

Iran: Female Political Prisoner on Hunger Strike & in Dire Conditions in Evin Prison

NCRI - Atena Daemi, an Iranian female political prisoner, is reported to be in dire condition in Tehran’s notorious Evin Prison after 44 days of hunger strike.

On the night of May 20 she was transferred to Evin’s clinic after symptoms such as “stomach ache and vomiting.”

Report From Inside Iran: Prisoner of Conscience on Hunger Strike

NCRI - An Iranian Sunni prisoner in Rajai Shahr Prison of Karaj, west of Tehran, has been on hunger strike for more than 14 days due to the authorities’ refusal to provide him medical care.

Seyyed Qassem Abesteh has lost 7 kilograms in weight since going on hunger strike on May 7. Reports indicate a tumor has been found near this prisoners’ tonsils, making even breathing difficult for him.

Sen. John McCain: Donald Trump's Trip Sends Strong Message to Iran Regime

United States Senator John McCain on Sunday said President Donald Trump's trip to Saudi Arabia this weekend sent a strong message to Iran’s regime that the U.S. and its allies are ready to block Tehran's efforts to destabilize the region, the Washington Examiner reported.

Rex Tillerson Presses Iran Regime to Halt Support for Terrorist Groups

United States Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has called upon the Iranian regime’s president to end all support and financing of terrorist groups.

Mr. Tillerson said the U.S. is working to bolster Gulf defenses in order to counter the Iranian regime’s influence in the region.

The Iran Regime Is the Main Looser of U.S. -Islamic Summit

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia — President Trump pursued to rally leaders from around the Muslim world on Sunday May 21, 2017, and in a new campaign against extremism, declined the idea that the fight is a clash between religions.

Saudi King Salman and US President Donald Trump also spoke of cooperation between the Muslim world and the U.S. in order to halt terrorism and extremism in the world at the Arab-Islamic-American summit in Riyadh on Sunday.

Iran: 45-Year Old Prisoner Killed by Prison's Head of Intelligence

NCRI - A prisoner in Zabol Prison (Southeastern Iran) was attacked and killed by prison’s head of intelligence at midnight Tuesday May 16.

According to reports, Zabol Prison’s head of intelligence ‘Gholamreza Rezaei’, while pretending to inspect ward 4, went right to a 45-year old prisoner named ‘Ramezan Koohkan’, throwing him down from the top of a triple bunk bed.

U.S. Commission on Religious Freedom Condemns Iran Regime's Minority Rights Violations

NCRI - US Commission on Religious Freedom has in its 2017 report addressed the religious freedom violations across the world, including Iran.

The commission says in its latest report released on Wednesday May 14 “there’s been a continuous violation of religious freedom in Iran over the past year, with unlawful long detention, torture, imprisonment, and execution based on religious accusations being commonplace.”

Radio France International: Terrorists Who Killed Saeed Karimian Were Arrested

NCRI - Terrorists involved in the assassination of the Iranian entrepreneur and managing director of 'GEM' media network, who was killed on April 29, 2017 in Istanbul, Turkey in an armed attack, have been arrested, Turkish newspaper Joumhuryat reported on May 18, 2017.

According to this report, the terrorists were arrested by the Serbian police, while trying to depart from Montenegro with fake passports, it seems they have been trying to go to Iran through a European country, the report further adds.

Iran's Labor Ministry Under Pressure to Deny Workers' Problems

NCRI - We only enjoy the senior officials’ approval if we refuse to express the labor community’s problems, said the head of the so-called High Council of Iran Laborers.

“Senior officials refuse to hear the problems of the workers community,” said Mohammad Yarahmadi in a press conference on Wednesday, May 17, according to the semi-official Tasnim news agency.

Iran: Playing With Contraband Figures Before Presidential Election

NCRI - $23 billion in smuggled goods enter Iran each year

Estimating the total value of smuggled goods remains a challenging calculation due to its illegal and secretive nature, according to a report wired by the semi-official Fars news agency.

Former Deputy of the Iraqi President: Iran Has Taken Iraq Hostage

NCRI - Iraq's former deputy president said, “Iran is trying to expand its influence in Kurdistan and northern Iraq and there are reports of opening Qods Force offices in the province of Neinava.” Tariq al-Hashemi was responding to a question in an interview with Eram News Site on May 12, 2017 about the role of the Arabic countries in dealing with the Iranian regime. He said, “Unfortunately, Arabic countries haven’t taken defensive precautions against the Iranian regime's meddling and due to the policy of uncertainty and ignorance, we have lost so much. We must apply all of our means to eliminate the Iranian regime’s influence from Arabic countries.”

Iran Regime's Affiliate Houthis Militias Conflicts With Ousted Yemeni President

NCRI - According to Sky News on May 12, 2017 ousted Yemeni president Ali-Abdullah Saleh has ordered his affiliated media to publicly reveal Houthi militia’s leader Abdulmalik al-Houthi’s dependence to Iranian regime in Yemen. This action has taken by Ali-Abdullah Saleh after revealed reports of a plot to assassinate him by the Houthis.

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