Iran:  825 Days Pending Imprisonment of Youths

NCRI - Nasirabad’s youths (part of the city of Sarbaz in Sistan and Baluchistan, southeastern Iran) are continuously kept incarcerated in pending for more than 27 months.

While last year, it was promised to these prisoners that their trial will be held on March 9, 2017, so far only three of them have been tried  in closed door courts.

Arizona Official Congress Passed a Resolution to List the IRGC as a Terrorist Group

NCRI - The Arizona House of Representatives passed a resolution calling on the U.S. government to list the Iran regimes Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) as a terrorist group. The representatives noted in the resolution that they considered the IRGC as the main source of international terrorism and they enumerated examples of crimes committed by them against the Iranian people, as well as their terrorist acts throughout the region. Therefore, they stressed the need to condemn these crimes and to list the IRGC as a terrorist group.

Iran: Musician, Cameraman in Critical Condition at Evin Prison

NCRI - Due to lack of access to medical facilities, the detained musician Mehdi Rajabian is now losing his ability to walk after being diagnosed with MS a few months ago.

Based on the warnings his doctor gave, Rajabian’s family had informed Evin Prison official from the first day he arrived there, that he would be afflicted with MS and his life put in danger unless he received necessary medical services.

U.S. Experts Warn About Aircraft Sales to Iran

NCRI - Calling the deal with Iranian airlines very dangerous, sanctions experts warned about the sale of U.S. manufactured aircrafts to Iran, in a gathering at Heritage Foundation in Washington DC on April 21, 2017.

In this gathering, a panel of experts discussed the implications of these deals and how they could complicate U.S. efforts to contain Iran’s expanding influence in the Middle East.

Iran: Rouhani's Cabinet Seeking to Cloak Its Economic Corruption

NCRI - Chair of the Iranian parliament research and investigation commission said as we near the elections the government is seeking to cloak any economic corruption.

“The Teachers Savings Fund is in poor conditions and based on the evaluations made, there has been over 8 trillion tomans of dirty money transacted in this fund,” said Jabbar Kuchaki in an interview with the semi-official Tasnim news agency, affiliated to the Revolutionary Guards Quds Force.

Iran Media Responding to Sen. McCain Visiting PMOI/MEK in Albania

NCRI - A few days after the meeting between Sen. John McCain and Iranian opposition leader Maryam Rajavi in Tirana, the ‘Dideban’ website linked to Iranian intelligence posted a piece titled “A meeting and a few warnings”, expressing Tehran’s utter defeat in its attempt to annihilate its opposition, the People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK), prior to the their transfer outside of Iraq.

Revelation of Iran Regime's Continued Secret Nuclear Activities

Iran violating U.S. deal with secret nukes research, opposition group says

Iran is cheating on its historical deal with the U.S. by secretly conducting research into nuclear weapons components such as bomb triggers and enriched uranium, the main Iranian opposition group said Friday. Rowan Scarborough wrote in ‘The Washington Times’ on April 21, 2017.

NCRI Revelation: Activities Continue at Organization Responsible for Work on Nuclear Weapons

NCRI - In a press conference in Washington, DC on Friday, the National Council of Resistance of Iran revealed that the “nerve center” of the Iranian regime’s nuclear weapons project, responsible for designing a nuclear bomb, has been continuing its work.

The engineering unit for the regime’s nuclear weapons program is called the Organization of Defensive Innovation and Research known by its Persian acronym SPND.

Iran: A Look at the News of the Prisons in Last Week

NCRI - Last week, political prisoners of Evin and Gohardasht prisons in a letter to the United Nations Human Rights Council condemned the attack on the women's ward of Evin prison.

The letter partially said: "The Prison Guards, under the command of the Organization of the Prisons, attacked the women’s ward of Evin prison (who are political prisoners) and with humiliation and insult, destroyed all personal equipment and facilities. Therefore, we, the political prisoners of Evin and Gohardasht prisons condemn this repressive measure and inform your human rights body that these measures by the Organization of the Prisons are simply aimed at suppressing and intimidating prisoners in order to frighten them not to raise awareness about what is going on in prisons.

Iran: Labour Crisis Sparks Numerous Protests

NCRI - The people of Iran are continuing to face great difficulties in their daily lives. Reports indicate that municipal bus workers from Zabul are still waiting for 6 months’ worth of unpaid salaries, as well as New Year bonuses.

The municipality has said that the reason for this is due to a lack of financial resources.

Iran: Victims of a Governmental Credit Institution Hold Protest Rally

NCRI - While the crisis surrounding Caspian Credit Institute and its investors is entering its fifth month, Iranian regime’s Central Bank officials have promised to resolve the issues in the next two months and also determine the status of the institute’s merged cooperatives by April 20.

Chanting slogans such as “people’s assets must be freed”, the protesters in front of Central Bank building in Tehran’s Mirdamad street called on the Central Bank as the entity responsible for monetary and banking system to make a final decision in order to resolve the crisis and months-long mismanagement in the institute.

Iran Regime's 'Presidential Election' and Absurd Promises

NCRI - A tasty rumor for teachers was released just before the start of the new Persian year (March 2017), according to which a $150-$220 increase in their salaries was awaiting them.

Regarding the $150-$220 increase in teacher salaries, Mansour Mojaveri, Director-General of Planning and Budget in regime’s Ministry of Education, had said January this year “the establishment of teachers payment system is included in one of the provisions of the sixth development program, which should be formulated and applied after the program is communicated”, according to Revolutionary Guards’ Fars news agency.

Supporting the Resistance of Iran, a Serious Measure to Harness Iran Regime

NCRI - In an article about Iranian regime’s interventions in the region, Jordan’s Al-Ra’i newspaper writes:

The Iranian regime has gone too far by starting a game much bigger than its role, while not being afraid of insulting Jordan.


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