Iran: Rafsanjani and Me

‘THE DIPLOMAT’ on January 19, 2017, published a real story concerning a victim of state-sponsored terrorism who has a different take on the death of one of the Iran regime’s leaders. The following is the full text.

The minute I heard about the death of Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, the number two man in the theocracy ruling Iran for decades, I had a flashback to Istanbul, Turkey, on March 14, 1990.

John Kerry: I Am Very Proud of the Effort We Made to Get MEK out of Camp Liberty to Places They Are Safe...

On January 19, 2017 John Kerry secretary of state in his farewell remarks in the C Street Lobby, regarding the relocation of MEK members mentioned the following words.

“…And one of the things that I am very proud of is the effort we made – I remember going to hearing after hearing, and you remember all those folks you’d see up there in those yellow jackets representing the Mujahedin-e Khalq – MEK as we’ve known them – and we got 3,000 of them out of Camp Liberty and to places where they are safe and their lives are saved from being attacked regularly, as they were. I thank Jonathan Winer, our special envoy, and others for that kind of effort. It’s been enormous.”

Iran Regime's President: JCPOA Is Also Beneficial for America

NCRI - The conference by Iranian regime’s president, Hassan Rouhani, on Monday, was overshadowed by the latest statement of the U.S. President-elect Donald Trump who described the JCPOA as the most stupid agreement.

Rouhani in a fearful and defensive reply said: The (JCPOA) agreement is a win-win and also beneficial for the U.S.”

Iran: Four Patients Die in Hospital Due to Contaminated Drinking Water

NCRI - A health official of Khuzestan Province (southwest Iran) announced that contaminated drinking water caused several patients die in Sina Hospital in Ahwaz this summer.

According to the state-run IRNA news agency, Shokrollah Salman Zadeh, health deputy of Ahwaz university medical sciences, on Tuesday, January 17, said according to expert studies, the reason for the death of Dialysis patients in Sina hospital in Karoun County, a suburb of Ahwaz, is contaminated drinking water.

The Message of a Prominent Political Prisoner in Iran

NCRI - Political prisoner Arzhang Davoudi, incarcerated in Zabol prison in exile, in a message on the occasion of January 20 and freedom of the last group of political prisoners from the Shah’s prisons in 1979 in Iran wrote:

Dear Compatriot,

This week reminds me of three events in the history of our country:

Sir David Amess MP: To Save Lives in Syria, Curb Iranian Regime's Influence

The Iranian regime wants to prolong the Syrian conflict and to encourage the partition of Syria along sectarian lines, argues Sir David Amess MP.

Mr. Amess, a Conservative MP in the UK House of Commons and co-chair of the British Parliamentary Committee for Iran Freedom, made the argument in an op-ed for Forbes on Thursday.

Highlighting Political Prisoner's Hunger Strike Considered a Crime, Says Iranian Regime's Head of Judiciary

NCRI - Pointing to the political prisoners’ hunger strike, Iranian regime’s head of judiciary described reporting and highlighting such issues as a ‘criminal act’ and called on regime’s judicial authorities not be influenced by what he called ‘the media created climate’.

Le Monde: International Banks More Cautious Over Violation of Iranian Regime's Sanctions

NCRI - According to the French Le Monde newspaper, big international banks are still reluctant to fund commercial and industrial contracts with the Iranian regime, worrying about US-raised legal and judicial risks associated with negotiating and trading with the Iranian regime.

“Big international banks have grown more cautious following the heavy fines imposed in 2014 by Washington on the French BNP Paribas as well as the Deutsche Bank for their violation of sanctions.”, adds the newspaper.

Twenty First Fundraising Campaign of Simay-E-Azadi

Contribution of thousands of Iranians from Iran and around the world to Simay-e-Azadi (Iran National Television)

Twenty-first fundraising telethon of Simay-e-Azadi, Iran National Television, turned to a manifestation of national will and solidarity in support of the Iranian Resistance, disgust toward the religious fascism ruling Iran in its totality and the demand for changing this regime and the establishment of freedom and democracy.

Iran: Tehran's Iconic High-Rise (Plasco Building) Collapsed Due to Fire

NCRI - This morning (19 January 2017) in Tehran Plasco commercial building collapsed due to fire.

Iran regime stated: the firefighters were inside the utterly collapsed building, it is reported that at least thirty fire fighters are dead.

The fate of many people and firefighters in the building is still unknown. Hospitals are on alert around the area and army has entered the scene.

Iran: Over %25 of ICU Patients Die Due to Hospital Infections

NCRI - “Unfortunately, we can say that roughly more than 25 percent of the deaths of our patients in the intensive care unit is due to infection.” Stated Head of the Scientific Society of Critical Care

According to state-run ILNA news agency, on January 18, Ali Amir Savad Kouhi, Head of the Scientific Society of Critical Care, in an interview said: “Patients who enter the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) have a lower immunity (body immune system) and the possibility of transmission of infection to these patients is very high.”

Iran: Industry Sector Faces Negative Growth of %47 and Unemployment of 6500

NCRI - On January 18, 2017, the state-run Tasnim news agency, affiliated to terrorist Quds force, revealed deplorable state of the Iron and Steel Industry in Iran reporting that 6500 employees of this industry were laid off or fired in the past year.

Iran: Second Lashing Sentence Issued for Reporters

NCRI - Following publication of the news regarding lashing of a reporter in Najaf Abad (Province of Isfahan, central Iran) and implementation of 40 lashes, another reporter in Shahroud (Province of Semnan, central Iran) received 40 lashes as well in less than a month.

According to the state-run Quds Online news agency on January 18, manager of the local site “Shahroud news” was sentenced to 40 lashes after trail in a branch of the criminal court in the city of Shahroud.

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Iran: Tehran's Iconic High-Rise (Plasco Building) Collapsed Due to Fire

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