The visit of the mullahs’ regime Deputy Minister of Interior for security to Iraq

Acknowledgment that suppression and rendering Ashraf residents homeless was the dictated policy of the Iranian regime

In continuation of the Iranian regime leaders’ trips to Iraq, head torturer Ali Abdollahi, the mullahs’ Deputy Minister of Interior for security traveled to Baghdad and talked to Iraqi government officials about the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran and Ashraf and Liberty residents, and appreciated the government’s efforts in closing down Ashraf and expelling Mojahedin members from Iraq.

The trip of few ardent defenders of fascist mullahs from the European Parliament to Tehran: A humble welcome to mass executions

• Meeting the perpetrators of crimes against humanity is complicity with them
• Widespread opposition of parliamentary groups and Euro MPs and their boycott of the trip
The trip of several known defenders of the religious fascism ruling Iran in European Parliament to Tehran, a few days after the mass executions on October 22 in Evin prison and meeting with the perpetrators of crimes against humanity, is seen as welcoming the executions and complicity with the religious dictatorship against the people of Iran.

Ahmadinejad’s trip to Baghdad and meeting with Iraqi officials in order to pressure and conspire against PMOI members in Ashraf and Liberty, aid the Syrian dictator, support Maliki to maintain his Prime Ministry, and use Iraq to circumvent sanctions

According to documents obtained by the Iranian resistance from the clerical regime’s Supreme Security Council, Ahmadinejad is pursuing several goals in his planned trip to Iraq, which is done under the cover of participation in International anti-terrorism conference. New plots and increased pressure and suppression of Ashraf and Liberty residents, members of People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran, is one of the priorities of Ahmadinejad in his talks with Iraqi officials.

Mullahs’ regime’s confidential documents indicating plans for stealing Ashraf residents’ property by Government of Iraq

Documents received by Iranian Resistance from inside of IRGC (Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps) bespeak of plans for confiscating and stealing further parts of Ashraf residents’ property upon mullahs’ regime’s instructions.
According to these documents that are presentable to court, those part of residents’ belongings that have been confiscated unlawfully by Iraqi forces will not be returned to the residents and will be arrogated by the Iraqi side for good.

European Parliament delegation’s visit to Tehran is considered as complicity with religious fascism in its crimes and is condemned by Iranian people

• EP should avoid this visit and not allow its prestige and credit to be distorted

Iranian Resistance condemns scheduled visit of a number of European Parliament members to Iran under mullahs’ rule, and asks EP president to prevent their visit and not to allow them to distort EP’s prestige and credit by supporting the most ruthless contemporary dictatorship. 

Political prisoner Ali Moezzi sent to solitary cell for refusing to participate in the show trial

The inhuman mullahs’ regime has sent political prisoner Ali Moezzi for refusing to take part in show trial presided by hangman Salavati to solitary cells of section 240 of Evin prison and banned him from having visits. He has also been threatened to be exiled in remote cities.

Mr. Moezzi, 63, refused to participate in the show trial on October 9 for the third time. He wrote last August to the court:  “Because in recent years a number of my fellow countrymen innocently have been executed by the unjust order of revolutionary courts, I consider these ordered trials with predetermined judgments illegitimate since the judges and people engaged in these proceedings are themselves the accused.”

The mullahs’ Qods Force and Intelligence plan for psychological torture of Liberty residents by bringing intelligence agents and loudspeakers

Camp Liberty-No57

According to reliable reports received from inside the Iran’s Revolutionary Guards (IRGC), the religious fascism ruling Iran, in cooperation with the Government of Iraq, intends to station mullahs’ Qods Force and intelligence agents who have been stationed around Ashraf since three years ago and engaged in psychological torture of the residents to Liberty’s proximity and to transfer loudspeakers which were used for their psychological torture to Liberty.


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