Maryam Rajavi: Regime change and democracy in Iran, key to crisis in the Middle East and conquest of extremism

Seventy French parliamentarians made improved relations with Iranian regime contingent upon improved human rights

Paris conference honoring Oct. 10, World Day Against the Death Penalty

Maryam Rajavi: Our plan is an Iran without the death penalty

• All forms of engagement with Iranian regime must be made contingent upon termination of the death penalty. As long as the wave of executions continues in Iran, shaking hands with the mullahs is not justified in any way.
• Supporting Assad and his continued rule help ISIS survive; eviction of the Iranian regime is the only way to overcome ISIS.

Rouhani’s projections against the PMOI in fear of domestic and international reception of the Iranian Resistance

Hassan Rouhani

False accusations repeated by the President of a regime commonly known as the Godfather of ISIS

Hassan Rouhani, President of the religious fascism ruling Iran, commonly known among Iranian people as Abu-Daesh, or the Godfather of ISIS, on Monday August 31 showed his compulsion against the PMOI and the Iranian Resistance and, with a series of lies, attributed the inhuman crimes of the regime to the PMOI and the opponents of the clerical regime. He made his remarks in a meeting called by the "Habilian" Foundation, a branch of the regime’s Ministry of Intelligence, with the presence of a number of agents, interrogators, torturers and foreign mercenaries of the Intelligence Ministry.

Iranians in Romania hold human rights display

PMOI (MEK) supporters in Bucharest hold human rights display about Iran

NCRI - Iranians in the capital of Romania on Saturday held a human rights stand to expose the flagrant rights abuses committed by the mullahs' regime in Iran during the two year tenure of Hassan Rouhani.

The human rights display in central Bucharest drew locals who were told of the more than 1800 executions carried out in Iran since Rouhani became president of the regime.

Supporters of the main Iranian opposition group People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran, PMOI (Mujahedin-e Khalq, MEK), informed local Romanians of the democratic platform of the Iranian Resistance.

Thousands of Iranians support opposition telethon

Thousands of Iranians from across Iran and countries worldwide offered contributions to Simaye Azadi

Broad support for Resistance and Camp Liberty residents is indicative of Iranian people’s determination for regime change

NCRI - Simaye Azadi, the Iran National Television (INTV), held its nineteenth fundraising program lasting 46 hours from July 24 to 28. Thousands of Iranians from across Iran and countries throughout the globe participated in this telethon that was broadcasted live on INTV. Their contributions were predominantly made by calling 39 phone lines allocated to this telethon. Nevertheless, a large number of contributors, who had waited for hours to get through, declared their contributions through internet or social media as the lines proved extremely busy. Some of the contributions were collective fundraisings, and some people inside Iran made their contributions to Simaye Azadi through friends and relatives abroad.

Maryam Rajavi: Iran’s regime is source of extremism in the region

Source: Aljazeera (translated to English by, July 4, 2015

Rajavi spoke at a conference in Paris

Iranian opposition leader Maryam Rajavi said that both Shiites and Sunnis are facing one enemy, and that is the Velayat-e-faqih (absolute rule of the clergy) regime in Iran which is based on what she called extremism and tyranny and sectarian conflicts in the region, particularly in Iraq and Syria.

In the conference entitled "Democratic and Tolerant Islam vs. Fanaticism and Extremism" held in Paris, Rajavi stressed that Islam rejects sectarian conflict, even between Shiites and Sunnis, noting that the division between the two communities is imposed by the velayat-e-faqih in order to continue its dictatorial rule.

Conservative UK lawmaker: To defeat ISIS we must support democratic forces

A former member of UK Prime Minister David Cameron's Cabinet has said that in order to defeat the terror group ISIS, the West must support the forces of moderation in Iraq and the Middle East.

Rt Hon. David Jones MP wrote in The Diplomat on Tuesday: "It is illusory to believe that allowing Tehran to take the lead in the fight against ISIS will ultimately lead to a stable Iraq."

"There should be no doubt in the West that Tehran is using its proxies to compete with ISIS for dominance in Iraq, Syria and the wider Middle East. Iran has absolutely no interest in defeating and degrading the Islamic fundamentalism that is threatening the region.


1988 massacre in Iran


Iran news in brief

Iran: Tehran's Iconic High-Rise (Plasco Building) Collapsed Due to Fire

Iran: City Officials Beat Grave-Sleepers out of Cemetery

The untold story of the 1988 Massacre in Iran

Maryam Rajavi in the meeting of Solidarity with nations of the Middle East

FreeIran Gathering in a glimpse

Maryam Rajavi meets with George Sabra- Auvers-sur-Oise, May 12, 2016

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