Iran: Khamenei appointed IRGC commanders to key posts in Supreme National Security Council

Ali KhameneiClerical regime declaring war on international community

NCRI, September 28 - In the past few weeks, Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei has appointed a number of Islamic Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) commanders to key posts in the Supreme National Security Council (SNSC), the clerical regime's highest decision-making body.

SNSC's secretariat that was previously comprised of advisory committees has been changed to different directorates, making it a decision-making body with vast executive powers.

Tens of thousands of workers stage protest against anti-labor policies of mullahs' regime

Tens of thousands of workers stage protest against anti-labor policies  of mullahs’ regimeTens of thousands of workers staged strikes across Iran on Saturday to protest the clerical regime’s suppressive and anti-labor laws as well as the lack of the minimum means of subsistence.

At the time of spiraling inflation and skyrocketing prices, lack of wage increases, non-payment of wages, insurance deductions, absence of assistance, such as coupons, and no promotions have left millions of workers extremely vulnerable in the face of inflation and high prices.

Maryam Rajavi congratulates nationwide boycott to Iranian people

ImageMrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the Iranian Resistance, congratulated the nationwide and victorious boycott of the illegitimate presidential election to the Iranian people, describing it as a reflection of a great national resolve to bring down the ruling theocracy and establish democracy in the fettered Iran.

Mrs. Rajavi underscored that the mullahs' election was faced with a major wave of popular protests before the vote, which caused unprecedented discord within the regime's leadership and inflicted a heavy blow to the mullahs on election day.

Thousands of angry workers force Rafsanjani to call off May Day speech

ImageSome 20,000 workers who had gathered in and around Tehran's Azadi Stadium in Tehran today chanted "referendum, referendum, referendum, this what our people want" and "the Majlis betrays us and leaders support them", forcing ex-President Hashemi Rafsanjani to call off his scheduled speech at the May Day gathering.

Iranian Teachers continue their protests despite mullahs' crackdown

ImageTeachers in Tehran and across Iranian towns and cities continue their protests and strikes because of harsh living conditions and low salaries, despite pressure by the mullahs' regime.

Yesterday, more than 1,000 teachers demonstrated outside the mullahs' Majlis in Baharestan Square for the third consecutive day. Suppressive agents of the State Security Forces, under the command of Col. Massoud Jafari, beat up and arrested a number of demonstrators. To identify and harass the teachers demonstrating, agents of the Ministry of Intelligence and Security filmed the teachers.

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