Workers protests in various cities across Iran

NCRI - Coincident with International Workers' Day, many Iranian cities witnessed labor demonstrations and protests.

Ahwaz Pipe Factory workers in Ahwaz began to march from 8:30 am to gather in front of the Governorate office. The workers whose numbers have been increasing every minute, carried placards reading "Deprived workers in Khuzestan Pipe factory have not been paid for 6 years" and "Deprived workers in the Ahwaz City Hall have not been paid for 5 years." State Security Forces agents surrounded the march in order to prevent the spread of protests.

Iran: Dozens of workers and labor activists arrested on International Workers’ Day

NCRI - Fearful of labor demonstrations and protests on the International Workers’ Day, the clerical regime arrested a large number of workers. Additionally, prior to this day, the mullahs’ intelligence had summoned a number of workers and warned them of staging any protests or participating in demonstrations.

Iran: Hassan Rouhani cabinet rejects state-run 'Workers House' demand for Labor Day march

Statement by the Labor Committee of National Council of Resistance:

NCRI - The clerical dictatorship in Iran fears workers’ discontent and ire to the extent that Hassan Rouhani’s Ministry of Interior has refused to approve a permit for a march on International Workers’ Day requested by the state organization “Khaneh Kargar” (Workers’ House). Instead officials have asked laborers to participate in a ceremony in an auditorium where Hassan Rouhani is to speak.

Photos: Iranians in Sweden support Evin political prisoners, call for int'l probe

NCRI- Iranians in Sweden held a protest condemning the recent savage raid on political prisoners in Ward 350 of Tehran's Evin prison.

Protester supported the call by Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, the President-elect of the Iranian Resistance for an independent international probe by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and Dr. Ahmed Shaheed, Special Rapporteur on Iran, into the barbaric raid at Evin Prison.

Iran: Protesters chant 'Free political prisoners' outside Hassan Rouhani office -- Breaking News

NCRi - A group of relatives of political prisoners gathered outside the office of  Hassan Rouhani, the Iranian regime's President, to protest April 17 brutal attack on the Ward 350 of Evin prison.

A group of residents of Tehran joined their protest to express of their solidarity with members of families of attacked political prisoners.

Clashes between people and repressive forces in various parts of Tehran, Karaj and Kermanshah

Brave young people in different parts of Tehran and other cities continue to celebrate the fire festival, turning it a scene for confronting the religious fascism ruling Iran and expressing outrage against it.

In Tehran, the youth in Gheytariyeh marched from the park area uphill toward Vashngah street, chanting slogans against the falling regime of Khamenei and “Get lost Bassiji”, screamed their outrage from clerical rule and its mercenaries. Security forces closed off all roads to Gheytariyeh to prevent people from going that way. Mercenaries attacked people and tear gassed them to try to disperse them and arrested two people. But the brave youth attacked the police and freed the two men who were arrested.

Iran: 15 arrested; pictures of Hassan Rouhani are set on fire

Despite the heavy presence of suppressive forces in various parts of Tehran, people held the Fire Festival on an extensive scale. In all districts of the city there fires were set up and the sound of firecrackers and sonic bombs can be heard from all corners.

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