Iran: Youths continue confronting repressive forces in Tehran

The Iranian people, particularly the youth in Tehran continued last week to confront the regime's State Security Forces (Police) and the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) as they tried to harass, arrest and intimidate the residents. On many occasions the people thwarted the attempts by the repressive forces to arrest young men and women on various bogus pretexts.


On Thursday afternoon, people clashed with police outside Tehran's Beheshti metro station. The clash began when police harassed a young vendor and attempted to arrest him.  The passersby confronted the police and managed to release him.

Iranian opposition Geneva protest continued on 1187th day

NCRI - On Friday, 1 August 2014, Iranians in Geneva continued the 1187th day of their campaign calling for protection of Iranian political refugees in Camp Liberty, Iraq, and freedom of seven Camp Ashraf residents taken hostage by Iraqi forces.

Supporters of the Iranian Resistance in Geneva gathered outside the United Nations headquarters in the city to protest against the silence and inaction by the international community regarding the plight of Iranian dissidents in Camp Liberty in Iraq.

Iran: East Alborz Coal Mine workers go on strike again

More than 1,000 coal miners went on strike in the Iranian province of Semnan for the third time on Wednesday in protest at sudden changes in the company ownership that means they are being denied property promised to them in exchange for unpaid profit shares.

Iran: Strikes and protests in cities around the country

NCRI - Some 3,000 Iron dealers in Tehran continued their strike for the fourth day on Saturday protesting tax increase.

The workers and employees at Iran Tire Company staged a protest against the expulsion of a number of workers, reduction in wages, and the increasing working hours from 8 to 12.

Iran: Gold merchant strike continues, protests in Tehran, Isfahan, Saveh and Jiroft

NCRI - Iranian gold merchants in northwestern city of Tabriz continued their strike for the 9th day on Sunday, May 25, protesting tax increase.

In city of Isfahan gold merchants in ‘Honar’ and ‘Majlesi’ bazaars, two of the largest gold bazaars in the city, continue their strike.

Protests continue in cities across Iran

NCRI - Gold merchants have gone on strike in anger at tax increases in the cities of Isfahan, Najaf Abad, Tabriz and Urumiyeh, in the latest of a series of protests in cities across Iran.

The new wave of demonstrations has been triggered by rising unemployment, poverty, high prices and the economic policies of the regime.

Iran: Growing protest movements in cities

People chant anti-regime slogans such as “Death to dictator”, “Release political prisoner” in Tehran and Yazd

NCRI - The growing unemployment, poverty and price hikes have exacerbated the domain of protest movements in various parts of the country. One may point to some of these protests staged in recent days:

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