IRAN: Expansion of protests and clashes in various sections of Tehran

NCRI - The people in Ekbatan Township, western Tehran, staged a protest against a spying and suppressive center demagogically dubbed House of Quran in this district.

Despite repetitive protests by the people of this district and albeit the verdict of regime’s own Administrative Justice Court that forbade the construction of this center, the joint land between residential complexes were usurped and this spying center was established.

IRAN: Arrestees of Mahabad uprising transferred to Orumiyeh Prison

NCRI - After three weeks of torture and harassment, the antihuman clerical regime has transferred a large number of those arrested in the Mahabad uprising to Orumiyeh Prison in preparation for putting them on trial in its tyrannical courts. Some of the prisoners are just 15 years old and some have family bonds with each other such as father and son.

Two weeks ago, the intelligence ministry dispatched a group of its head henchmen from Tehran to prisons in Kurdistan and Western Azerbaijan to torture and interrogate those arrested in the Mahabad uprising.

IRAN: MOIS dispatches torturers to western cities following anti-regime protests

Call for immediate action to secure the release of arrestees in the Mahabad uprising

NCRI - The Iranian regime’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) has dispatched a group of henchmen to torture and interrogate those arrested in last week during anti-regime protests.

The interrogators sent to prisons in a numbers of cities in coordination with the MOIS offices in Kurdistan and Western Azerbaijan province.

Iran: Strike in Kurdish cities

NCRI - On Thursday, May 14, bazaar merchants and businesses in various cities of Iranian Kurdistan, including Mahabad, Sanandaj, Sardasht, Boukan and Ashnaviyeh, went on strike leaving these cities partially paralyzed.

IRAN: Iranshahr residents protest death of Baluchis by State Security Forces

A police station and three state vehicles are set on fire

On Sunday, May 10, people of Mohammadabad and Karimabad villages, near Iranshahr in Sistan and Baluchestan Province, who were enraged by the death of two Baluchis, attacked the police station in Mohammadabad with wooden clubs and stones setting it ablaze. The protests in the region continued into late hours of Sunday night and protesters destroyed three vehicles belonging to the security forces and the municipality. Moreover, the Iranshahr-Bampour road was closed down by protestors.

IRAN: Anti-regime protests continued despite crackdown

Despite the repressive measures of the Iranian regime in the city of Mahabad, in the afternoon of Saturday, May 9, new clashes between young people in different parts of the city of Mahabad and security forces occurred. At least eight members of the security forces were punished by angry youth.

The people of Sardasht also demonstrated in solidarity with the people of Mahabad, chanting "We are all Farinaz" and "Mahabad is not alone", "Silence today, tomorrow worse". The suppressive forces tried to disperse the crowd by throwing tear gas and beating with batons and direct firing.

IRAN: Widespread arrests and undeclared curfew in Mahabad

The Iranian Resistance calls for solidarity and support of Iranian people with the Kurdish people, especially with the valiant youth of Mahabad
Call on international bodies to stop the arrests and secure expeditious release of arrestees

NCRI - Continuing with their heroic uprising, the valiant people of Mahabad raided the office of the Iranian regime’s Ministry of Information and Security on Thursday, May 7.

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