IRAN: Anti-regime protests held in Ahvaz

NCRI - Residents of the Iranian city of Ahvaz expressed their rage and loathing against the suppressive and discriminatory policies of the clerical regime in the southern province of Khuzestan by chanting anti-regime slogans following a soccer match in the city on Friday (3 April 2015).

The courageous people and youth in Ahvaz staged a demonstration inside and outside the stadium, as well as in the Ahwaz-Khorramshahr intersection in the city, after the soccer match between Foulad of Khuzestan and Tehran’s Estqbal teams.

Sweden: Iranians protest regime’s executions and repression of women during football match

The friendly match in Stockholm between Sweden and Iran on Tuesday was an opportunity for the Iranian community in Sweden to challenge the legitimacy of the Iranian regime.

Zlatan Ibrahimović scored for Sweden during his team’s victory against Iran (3-1) in a stage marked by the presence of Iranians and Swedes hostile to the Iranian regime.

IRAN – FIRE FESTIVAL: Khamenei pictures set on fire, 10 arrested in western city

Fire Festival – Statement No. 4
Political prisoners in Gohardasht Prison chant “Death to dictator”

NCRI - The political prisoners in Gohardasht Prison of Karaj, face-to-face with the clerical regime, held the Fire Festival in their cells and jumped over a small fire they had resourcefully set inside the cell chanting “Death to dictator”. In a measure to ratchet up pressure on the prisoners and bar them from holding the ceremony, prison’s henchmen had prevented prisoners from going out of their cells since Tuesday morning, March 17.

IRAN: Teachers hold protests in 28 cities despite regime’s suppressive measures

NCRI - Thousands of Iranian teachers took to the streets in 28 cities across the country on Sunday demanding an end to discrimination against teacher by the regime, raising teachers’ salaries to at least poverty line.

The protest gatherings held in Tehran, the capital city, as well as the cities of Shiraz, Marivan, Khorramabad, Brujerd, Ilam, Kermanshah, Ravansar, Javanroud, Zanjan, Yasouj, Ardebil, Bandar Abbas, Sanandaj, Arak, Qazvin, Esfehan, Rasht, Qaemshahr, Hamedan, Paveh, Abadan, Bandar Gonaveh, Tabriz, Abhar and Karaj.

Low turnout marks Iran regime’s defeat in anniversary of revolution

NCRI - The low turnout on Wednesday in state-organized rallies in cities across Iran marks a defeat for Iranian regime at the 36th anniversary of its inception on February 11, 1979.

Despite mobilizing all governmental resources including the Revolutionary Guards and Basij para-military force, and threatening or enticing the people, especially the pupils and government employees, the number of those attending the event was unprecedentedly and significantly far lower than previous years.

Iran Student Day protests: ‘Free political prisoners’

NCRI - Iranian students held protests and gatherings on Sunday in universities across Iran marking Student Day, known locally as 16 Azar (December 7).

In fear of student protests in Tehran, the clerical regime cancelled Hassan Rouhani’s scheduled program at Tehran University.

Iran: 30% increase in bread prices worsens inflation and poverty

NCRI - The government of Hassan Rouhani has increased the price of bread, the main nourishment for the vast majority of the Iranian people, by 30 to 40 percent.

The price increase comes only days after the Iranian regime failed to reach and a comprehensive deal with the six world powers to end its nuclear weapons program that has cost the Iranian people hundreds of billions of dollars.

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