Iran: Neglect spreading in mullahs’ seminaries

Mullah Mohammad Yazdi, head of Society of Seminary Teachers of Qom, attended the inauguration ceremony for the “10th National Session for Bilad Society of Seminary Teachers” and in his remarks shed light on the issue of neglect and opposition in the mullahs’ seminaries.

“Our hopes are in the younger generation of the seminaries … however, many dignitaries no longer have any concern about current affairs, and they see no reason to refer to daily matters… Sometimes clear dissent is also seen.”

Iran: Protesting Students Demand Release of Jailed Students, Workers

Student Day Protests – No. 3
Universities across the country marked Students Day on December 6th

In Tehran students of Amir Kabir Tech University staged their protest rally despite Bassij paramilitary forces attempting to prevent them. The rally witnessed slogans including, “Release all political prisoners and imprisoned workers,” “Students do not belong in prison,” “No to administrative corruption,” “Release Nargis Mohammadi,” “Students rather die than succumb to abjection.” In the Sharif Tech University students held a rally and chanted, “Release all political prisoners.”

Iran: Anti-Government Slogans in Tehran and Saveh Universities

December 6th protests- No. 2

Distribution of leaflets saying "why 1988 (massacre)?" and chanting slogan: "Death to dictator"

Hundreds of students of Tehran University turned the Student Day ceremony to a scene of protest against the repressive policies of the regime.

This protest move was coincident with the presence of mullah Rouhani at the university auditorium and despite widespread security measures by the agents of suppression organs including the Intelligence Ministry and special guard unit of the university. The students, who were prevented from entering the auditorium, marched across the campus. During the march they sang "Yar-e Dabestani" and chanted:

Iran: Students' Protests in Various Cities on the Occasion of 'Student Day'

 December 6th protests- 1

Students chanted: "Student dies, but does not accept humiliation", "political prisoners must be freed"

On the occasion of Student Day (December 6th) students of universities in various cities staged demonstrations and protest gatherings to express their anger towards the mullahs' regime.

Iran: Demonstration of Protesting Workers and Teachers in Tehran, Kermanshah and Kerman

Demonstrators' slogan: "Poverty line: $900; our salary:$300"

On the morning of Sunday, December 4, cities of Tehran and Kermanshah witnessed mass demonstration of retired teachers, protesting workers, and various sectors of society.

In Tehran and coincident with Rouhani's speech, more than 2000 retired teachers, those looted by the state institution called 'Saamen al-Hojaj', and workers of glass and gas company staged a demonstration in front of the regime's parliament.

Iran: Widespread Protests Outside the Regime's Parliament Simultaneous With Rouhani's Presence

On the morning of Tuesday November 1, simultaneous with Rouhani’s presence in the Parliament to defend his three new ministers, a large number of people from different cities staged a protest outside the parliament and protested the plundering of their meager assets by officials and state officials. Hundreds of teachers of the literacy movement, shareholders of "Shandiz Padideh", workers and employees of Telecom, business owners, etc. were among the demonstrators.

Iran: Protest gathering of thousands from across the country at Cyrus' tomb

NCRI - Today's morning, Friday, October 28, thousands of people of various cities demonstrated on the occasion of the birthday of Cyrus the Great at his tomb in Pasargad in protest at the mullahs' regime's anti-national and anti-Iranian policies.

Demonstrators chanted, "freedom of thought, impossible with the mullahs" , "Iran is our homeland, Cyrus is our father", "mullahs' regime, only oppression, only war", ….

1988 massacre in Iran


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